Sunday, November 11, 2012

Henry is 15 months old!

Dear Henry,

I am losing track of time because it is going by so quickly!  You are already 15 months old!  I cannot believe it!  You love to play, explore, and eat.  You are growing so much and having fun while doing it!

  • You are wearing 12-18 month clothes and some 24 month items.
  • You measure a size 3 for shoes, but I bought a 4 to give you some room to grow.
  • You wear a size 5 diaper and an overnight diaper at night.  You were waking up soaked from head to toe in the middle of the night so we went to night time diapers.  Thankfully they are working!

  • You love to play cars and say "vrooom vrooooom!"  It is so cute!
  • You love Gloria!  You like to feed her while in your high chair and she loves you for it.
  • Bennett is still the funniest person ever to you.  He can make you laugh if you are crying in a matter of seconds.  He is also pretty rough with you and you don't even seem to mind.  You just go with the flow.
  • You are still eating like crazy.  We have to order you your own order of pancakes from McDonald's if we get breakfast there.  I love seeing just how much food you can put away!  When you and B are in high school you boys are going to eat us out of house and home!

  • The only words you say are "mama, daddy, uh oh, and tank u"  You love saying "uh oh."  You will drop something on purpose just so you can say it!
  • You are a happy little thing!  You do whine a lot right now, but I think you are teething.  You have and eruption cyst in the back of your mouth.  I was freaking out because it is a huge, swollen, purple bulge on your gums.  Thankfully, I sent a text to Megan and Dr. Black confirmed that it is A-OK.  You are just getting a molar!  You have 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom.

  • You love to snuggle up to Daddy in our bed.  If you are having a bad night, we will bring you to our bed and you want to go right to Daddy.  He knows how to snuggle just right.
  • You go to bed very easily.  We just put you in your bed and say "night night."  You just have a problem staying asleep all night.

  • We just love you to the moon and back!  I can't imagine our lives without you!  You are pretty much doing all the same things as Bennett at 15 months old.  I need to put you in the green/white outfit that is right here.

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