Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fluffed Up!

Casey and I have really been wanting to go to one of those new, fancy places to get our hair "blown out."  We tried to go when we went to Dallas last month, but there just wasn't enough time for us to get beautified. So, we decided Denver would be the place we would go for our girly afternoon.  Thankfully, Leigh was totally game and up for the fun.  

Casey found Fluff Bar a month ago and as soon as we saw the website we were hooked.  The place was such a great concept and really appealed to anyone wanted a relaxing afternoon.  We basically got our hair washed, dried, and styled, our make-up done, and our nails manicured all while sipping cocktails!  It was 2 hours of bliss except for the 5 seconds when the girl doing my hair laughed in my face when I told her Henry's name.  Obviously she doesn't like names that sound ROYAL!!! (Henry William)

Here is our "before" picture with all non-washed hair and hardly any make=up.

Leigh and Casey getting their hair washed

They twisted our hair into these little towel buns

Leigh getting beautified

My turn to be pampered

Here is our "after" photo (We each had a braid put into our hair!!)
We got finished and then headed to the brewery where the husbands were.  We walked in and they were pretty much in shock.  They really didn't appreciate the transformation of our hair and makeup.  I loved my braid and my make-up, but I think my hair is too short for the curled look.  Leigh and Casey looked fabulous, as always!


  1. oh my gosh, what a fun day! y'all look fabulous. i can't believe you got that reaction when you told the girl Henry's name...Colorado is a very different place than Louisiana :-)

  2. This is awesome! We have those around here but I've never heard them called Fluff Bars. Y'all look amazing!


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