Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Festival

Our neighborhood had their Fall Festival last weekend.  A lot of people in our neighborhood participated to help make it a huge success!  We had a pumpkin decorating contest the week before and announced the winners at the festival.  Each person received a Frozen Frog gift card.  A photographer from our neighborhood offered to take photos with a cute background and she even had props!  We had people selling the things they make, a jump house, food, games, and crafts.  Mom even did a cake walk for me that was spectacular!  

Here are a few of the photos that Maria took.  I just love them!

Bennett helping Henry with the props

I wanted Neil in this, but he had to man the front table while I took this photo!

Henry loved the pictures!

love this!

The posters have the winning pumpkins on them, the candy corn jar is for "Guess how many" and there is Bennett's green hair!

Henry playing in the "soccer shoot-out!"

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