Friday, November 2, 2012

Saints vs. Broncos in Denver

One thing that Neil really likes to do is look up restaurants in other cities that have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  He always has great ideas!  We went to Fuel in Charleston and Steuben's in Denver.  Where else shall we go, Neil?

Steuben's was fabulous!  I even bought a t-shirt.  Mac and cheese, fried chicken and waffles minus the waffles because their waffle irons weren't on, milkshake cocktails, and other comfort foods can't be beat!

We did get laughed at for wearing our Saints attire in the restaurants by some not-so-funny Broncos fans.  I noticed that the Broncos fans weren't nice.  I am all about having fun and razzing people, but not mean razzing.  They would just plain laugh at our faces or make fun of our accents.  Just downright mean.

Casey, me, and Leigh

Neil and me dining on delicious comfort foods in our Saints garb

All the Saints fans plus 2 Cowboys fans that shall remain nameless :)

We got bundled up and headed to Sports Authority field at Mile High Stadium (or however you say it).  There is an actual location in this stadium that is 1 mile above sea level.  Our seats were higher than that.

us in front of the stadium

If you feel like you can see the top of the stadium only like 3 rows above us it's because we were THAT high up

The half time show was dedicated to 120 women in the Denver area with breast cancer.
Some of the stories were just tear jerkers.  

After the game...we were happy!  The Saints lost and barely even showed up to play.  Sad game, but fun times with friends!

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  1. It looked cold. Were y'all cold?! I'm surprised that Denver fans weren't very nice. :(


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