Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue Week

It was blue week this week at school.  Bennett had a lot of fun making blue pictures and eating blueberries.

This is what he wore on "blue day!"  

Henry and Gymbo

I took Henry to Gymboree for the first time on Tuesday.  I started Gymboree classes with Bennett when he was 7 weeks old so I thought I should do the same for Henry.  Henry slept for the first few activities, was happy for the middle part (especially the infant massage), and cried during the end.  I would say that it was a pretty successful experience!

sleeping during tummy time!

I guess he didn't like the bubbles.

Henry and Evie were on the same page with Gymboree!

Gymbo and Henry

Casey/Evie and Me/Henry...did you know that this is where Casey and I first met when we had Bennett and Mason in Gymboree?
He loved when it was over and he was back in my arms!

Here's Bennett when he was about 11 weeks old at Gymboree...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes Sneak Peak

Now that we have 2 boys I knew I wanted them to have Halloween costumes that go together.  It was hard to come up with an idea for 2 boys.  I don't know what I'll do next year!  I think our little fish and fisherman look so cute!  I added a few lures to Bennett's hat out of my dad's tackle box.  I put a couple of those slimy gel worms on his vest and he hated them!  He wouldn't put the vest on until I took them off.  I am going to get Henry's costume altered because it is sized for 0-12 months.  Please tell me how something can fit a 1 day old and a 1 year old at the same time?  I don't get it.  Anyway, I think they look sooooo cute!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Matching Boys

I love when kids match each other. I've been looking for matching clothes for my boys with no luck. I was so excited when Nana brought these cute monkey pjs back for my babies. They look so cute!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

While Daddy is away...

Neil went on his annual camping trip to CFB island this weekend with 5 other guys.  CFB stands for College Football because they camp and watch football with a TV and satellite.  Sounds like they were roughing it.  I begged him to take some pictures for the blog.  I made requests like "take some of the camp and get some pictures with you in them!" This is what I got out of him...

This is the only picture of Neil I have...the cute feet in flip flops.  Chris is wearing some Crocs that Bennett and Shep have.  I've never seen an adult with these! ha!
Looks like a fun weekend!
Neil's tent is the little blue one in the middle.

Neil arranged this whole weekend about 6 months ago.  He arranged for Bennett to go to Ruston to stay with his parents, my mom to stay with me and Henry, and for me to have a spa day.  Everything happened just as planned except for that spa day.  Still waiting.

Before Bennett left with Nana, we went to "Chick-a-lay" for breakfast and play.  Pops met us and shared his milkshake with Bennett.  I don't really know how much I like Bennett having a milkshake before 9 am!

I sent this picture to Neil so he could see our sweet baby!  I LOVE him!
Caroline and Lindsay stopped by for a little bit on Friday morning before Bennett left.  Caroline looked so cute in her big girl outfit!

How cute are they?

I was thankful that Mom stayed with me and fed Henry at night.  I got up and made the bottles, changed him, and swaddled him for her.  She said she would get up and do everything, but I just wanted to be sure everything was running smoothly.  I guess I am paranoid.  On Saturday, Mom and I went to Marilyn's son's retirement party.  Mariyln was one of my Gammy's best friends and she invited us.  I had never met the son, so it was a little awkward for me, but Marilyn wanted me to bring Henry so we went.  The most hilarious part of the event was when Marilyn made everyone get in a circle and tell how they knew her son.  If people started talking while she was talking, she would stop and yell out for everyone to pay attention!  I just sat there and chuckled to myself.  She called on everyone by name and when she came to me she said "Lindsey, oh yea you don't know George we just wanted her to bring the baby" in front of 60 people!

Mom loved showing off H!

me, Henry, Marilyn, and Mom

After the retirement party, we went and had dinner at Carol and Leslie's.  Leslie ordered Imperial and I made whoopie pies.  We had a good time scoping out fun Halloween baked goods.  Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday.

Carol was so sweet to hold Henry after Leslie fed him.

Henry and I got up this morning and went to SS and church.  I only got to attend about 5 minutes of SS, because Henry started to fuss.  He was sooooo good during church.  I have been missing worship so much so I was glad to go today!

Can't wait for Bennett to get home!!

Nana sent this to me while Bennett was still in Ruston.  He didn't have his Saints gear so they made a shirt for him!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a boy!

Our church dropped off this sign this weekend in honor of Henry. I decided he needed his picture next to it after our walk this morning!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I just have to start out by saying that I LOVE having this wonderful time to spend with my baby. I am so thankful that I was approved to be off with Henry until January 17th (the day after my birthday). I love getting to take him with me during the day...I feel like a stay at home mom! It's fabulous. Today we dropped Bennett off at school and then headed to Starbucks to meet Leslie. It was fun to catch up. I got her to take a picture of me with Henry....

I left Starbucks and headed to get a much needed haircut. I wanted a long bob like Jennifer Aniston's new do. I realize that I am not going to look like Jennifer, but I love her cut. She took off 3 inches! Feels so much lighter.

Henry and I then ran to where my dad works to check out his birth announcement proof. I was going for an 8x8 announcement, but opted for a 5.25x5.25 so that I can get colored envelopes and metallic paper! I love all things paper. We met Neil and a few guys from his work at Johnny's for a healthy pizza lunch.

After lunch, Henry and I came home and watched a little bit of a Hallmark movie. The star of the movie is Wes Brown. I've only heard of him because he was our friend Chris' roommate at LSU. Chris told me that he thinks he is so cool and wishes he would have been an actor. I love this face!!!

I love how he holds my finger. Sweet boy!

Anyway, we met Gammy at Stein Mart, picked up Bennett, and then she took him to get a new pair of school tennis shoes. He loves them!!

We had a fabulous southern dinner brought over by Nancy tonight. Have I mentioned how sad I'll be when this week ends??? No more meals! The meals have been the second best part of having a new baby. If you want to bless someone with a new baby... Bring them dinner!

Watching a movie with Neil was a great end to my day!

Fun with Aunt Rebecky

We were excited that Aunt Becky stayed in town today. After Henry and I went to Bible study we met Rebecca, Matt, and Neil for lunch. We got to shop and have yogurt with her! It was fun and I wish we could do it more often.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grandparent's Day Luncheon

We had a totally fabulous Grandparent's Day celebration today.  Grandparent's day was actually last Sunday, but we had to celebrate my dad's and Neil's parents were in San Fran so we celebrated today.  The theme of today's party was popsicles because of the excellent grandparents book called Always Have Popsicles.  It is just a fun little book that has sweet little sayings and things that are just for grandparents.  Here are a couple: "make a toolbox for your grandson" or "teach them to play go fish."  It is really cute and I gave each grandparent a copy of the book with a set of plastic popsicle molds and a picture of the boys with the grandparent.  We had a fun time and I was so glad that everyone came over.  I found the entire menu on Pinterest and it was a hit.  I made artichoke crusted chickenParmesan knots, salad, and roasted potatoes.  A big fat thanks to Mom, Nana, and Carolyn for helping clean up.  I just don't think I could have done it without you!

This is what I felt like when it was all over!

This is the invitation.  I covered up our personal details with another piece of paper.  I call that thoughtful blogging!

I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and plan to use it for one of Henry's monthly milestone photos.

placecards were popsicles

This little angel was so good while Neil and I set up everything.  Mom took Bennett to church while we worked!

I put all of Bennett's grandparents  in the kitchen with him.  

Aunt Becky playing with her nephews

I thought it would be good for Neil and Rebecca to sit with their grandmother.

Bennett passed out the gifts to the grandparents.

Everyone loved reading the fun sayings in the book.

Bennett liked gathering all of the popsicle molds for himself.

The only way we could get Bennett to look at the camera in the next few photos was by saying "do NOT look at the camera!"  And of course, my little defiant boy looked at the camera.
Perfect picture for Gigi's frame!

My sweet angel boys.

Perfect picture for Nana and Grandad's frame!

Matt and Rebecca

Gigi loves babies!
We are excited that Aunt Rebecca is staying with us tonight.  Hope Baby Henry doesn't wake her up!
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