Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Our little monsters had a great time on Halloween this year.  We were invited to trick-or-treat a couple days before Halloween at the Bakers.  What fun to be able to trick-or-treat 2 times!  Talk about a childhood dream of mine.  

Trick-or-treating round 1 (Reid, Henry, Bennett, and Dean)

Henry had a fun Halloween sing-along at his school.  SK and I went and watched.  I just looooooove being able to go to all of my babies things.  I know I say it a lot, but I don't take this opportunity  lightly.

SK loved getting to be at Henry's school.

Kate the witch and Henry the robot

Dad and Carolyn came by to see all the kids dressed up.  Carolyn even let me paint her face while I was painting all the kids.  How fun!

Her face looks like whiskers, but it is really bee stripes.  She loved having her face painted!

Our army man was very serious!

Robot wouldn't take an individual pic.

On our walk, we saw John!!  They were both army men. How cute!

They LOVE trick-or-treating!
Kate's mom plans a huge carnival in her back yard.  She built games and has prizes at each game.  We love going to their house!

Out little apple bobber!

Henry LOVES the games!


Wiggin' out for a fun Halloween!

We've Halloweened with the Boswells since age 5.  Can't believe our kids go together now!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Safetytown Field Trip with Bennett

Bennett had a really fun field trip to Safetytown.  Henry had one to the fire-station the same day, but since I had gone to his pumpkin patch field, trip I had to choose.  Can't be everywhere!  

The kids loved being on the field trip and were so well-behaved!  So glad I got to go with my biggest boy!

I can't believe how big he has gotten!
Logan, Brock, Bennett, other kid, and James
Bennett, Brock, and Logan
He got a chance to ride a bike around the mini town and a car!

Here's his turn in a car.

Bennett's School Fall Fest

The girls who plan Bennett's fall carnival do an amazing job. They had food trucks, tons of jump houses, games, face painting, and more!  A couple of my friends needed me to get their boys so they could finish up work so I rolled with 5 kids and myself.  It was a total, chaotic blast! Neil arrived later and then my mom came, too. Neil and I both worked the concession stand for a 30 minute interval, but Neil ended up having to stay for an hour because he never had anyone relieve him!  Dad of the year.
We LOVE the crazy hair station!

This little beauty sat so still at the crazy hair station forever! They would finish and then she would ask for another color and so on until she had every color and a ribbon!  That's my girly girl!  I got mine done, too.  Loved it.

Team work!  Shep couldn't reach the donut so Bennett picked him up to help!

Hula hoopin'

Pie in the face is so much fun!

Gammy, Henry, and Sarah Kathryn

I love the way he works it.

Sister wasn't too sure about the slide until the very end!  Love her!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin Shine 2016

Our Pumpkin Shine display was so cute this year, but it was a TON of work!  One mom came up with "Scarefield" Elementary school and it was great!  We had lots of sections with some creative people making pumpkins.  We had everything from sports and fear-leaders to scouts and PE.  It was a great display with over 100 pumpkins!
Bennett made a "Saints/Texas Rangers" pumpkin

Here he is at the display with a football!  He never leaves the house without a football.

Gammy met us for the fun!

Sister is our wild girl!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fun Fall

We've had a pretty low-key fall.  We've had some fun with little things scattered about.
Neil and I had a STAY-cation.  I bought a 2 night stay/steakhouse dinner at an auction so we stayed at the Eldorado one weekend.  It was so nice to not have to worry about the babies because of our fabulous grandparents/aunt who took care of them.  Here we are serving beer for RRBC at Brew.

We were "Booed" and the boys painted these fun skull heads one day.  They were proud.

Bennett had a nature walk with Cub Scouts.  It was cut short due to 2 kids being stung by yellow jackets.  They still had fun.   Bennett kept trying to bring a Swiss army knife on the hike.  NO, you cannot do that.

I got to attend the Principals' Luncheon to honor our fabulous principal, Mrs. Graham.  The theme was Hollywood!

I set up a booth at the Maker's Faire in downtown Shreveport one morning.  Amy and Bennett came with me at 6am.  Let's just say that Makers Faires are not my ideal customers.

Straight As for this sweet thing!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Henry's Field Trip

Henry's had his first field trip this year.  They got to walk to the pumpkin patch down Youree Drive!  They had so much fun!  I love that Sarah Kathryn had MDO so I could focus only on Henry. What a fun memory.

Sweet Bridging friends

Scarecrow Henry

He loved the guy dressed up like a scarecrow

Henry loves Nolan!  Nolan is his classmate's brother.

We even got to bring this pumpkin home!  He even painted it and I took it to Pumpkin Shine and sneaked it into Bennett's school display. :)

Sweet boy!
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