Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bennett's School Fall Fest

The girls who plan Bennett's fall carnival do an amazing job. They had food trucks, tons of jump houses, games, face painting, and more!  A couple of my friends needed me to get their boys so they could finish up work so I rolled with 5 kids and myself.  It was a total, chaotic blast! Neil arrived later and then my mom came, too. Neil and I both worked the concession stand for a 30 minute interval, but Neil ended up having to stay for an hour because he never had anyone relieve him!  Dad of the year.
We LOVE the crazy hair station!

This little beauty sat so still at the crazy hair station forever! They would finish and then she would ask for another color and so on until she had every color and a ribbon!  That's my girly girl!  I got mine done, too.  Loved it.

Team work!  Shep couldn't reach the donut so Bennett picked him up to help!

Hula hoopin'

Pie in the face is so much fun!

Gammy, Henry, and Sarah Kathryn

I love the way he works it.

Sister wasn't too sure about the slide until the very end!  Love her!

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