Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We love the Red River Revel around here.  It is our city's best festival in my opinion.  You don't go to the revel without seeing at least 50 people you know, eating delicious food, and having fun!

On Monday SK, Henry, and me went to the Revel for lunch after school.  Pops met us and we had a blast.  We ate, listened to music, and walked around and looked at art.  The kid area was closed so we missed out on that.

Gyro for Dad and pizza for Sister

Sister loves her some pizza.

The kids and I went back on Wednesday for the kid area fun and dinner.  Neil met us after work and I was so glad to not be the only parent parenting these monsters at a crowded festival!  We went grocery shopping at the mini Brookshire's, got balloon animals from a clown, make clay fish, dug in the mock dig, ate, and played.  We love the Revel!

She loved the grocery shopping!

Bennett was sort of over the grocery shopping.  I hope this isn't his last year to want to do it!

The boys loved the obstacle course.  Henry dd it about 14 times.  His knees were black from all his push-ups!

They found shark teeth, quartz, and other colorful rocks.  I think those rocks were lost before we got home. :)

We saw John at the Revel!  Bennett wanted a rib basket and Henry and SK wanted pizza again.  Bennett ate all the ribs AND Henry's pizza!

Love this!

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