Friday, October 7, 2016

Grandparent's Day at FEM!

Bennett had a huge showing of support at Grandparent's Day this year. 6 people were there for him!  I was there only because he wanted me to sit near him while he announced the color guard and then I left so the grandparents could have their special time.

Talk about 6 proud people!  There was no one more proud than us!  Bennett's den leader asked him to announce the color guard at Grandparent's Day for the K-2nd grade.  He was nervous and I was shocked when he said yes.  Programs and plays are not his thing at all...he gets embarrassed.  Maybe public speaking is??? 

He did a superb job and was thrilled to have all his loved ones there to support him!

Granddad and Nana came all the way from Ruston to be there!

Pops had fun!

Gammy loved it!

Here's our principal announcing Bennett


Look at all these people!

Bennett made this for Granddad. If you can select 1 grandparent to draw something's always for Granddad!

Nana sent me these classroom visit pics. 


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