Monday, December 31, 2018

New Years Eve 2018

Our NYE was fun!  It was a family party, good friends, and fireworks!

Sister and I went to get our nails painted before the big fun!

We even saw Jenn at the nail place!

We brought these fortune cookies dipped in chocolate with a plethora of my sprinkles!  I have way too many sprinkles!

Happy New Year Henry!

This action shot of a sparkler is bomb!

SK loves Coach Kyle!  He has 4 boys so he thinks she is pretty cute, too!

The fellows did some major fireworks and the show was spectacular!  Until...

Neil almost blew himself up!  He had a punk in his mouth and was unrolling a fuse on a big mortar.  The punk lit the bottom of the fuse and went off in his face.  Could have been so much worse.  Singed his brows and messed up his coat! 

This sweet angel wanted to snuggle in the car.  So, I took her to the car to finish watching the fireworks and got to have her sleep on me which is basically the best thing ever!
 Neil got up early and headed to South LA to go hunting with his dad.  My dad came over for a delicious New Year's meal made by Suzy!

So wildernessy!

I got all of our drawers on the Kon Mari Method!  This pretty much is a no-brainer!  Why have we not folded like this previously?

I cannot remember where Bennett was, but we had a good time at the movie all snuggled up in blankets!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

After Christmas Fun

Uncle Mike came to town and the fellas went to the Indy Bowl.

I won Aubre's color makeover contest and got my hair did for free at the luxury Chemistry!

SK really got in to doing my make up!

And her own!

And mine some more!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Bake-off

We had the best idea to have a Christmas Bake-off and everyone got in on the fun!  We all spent time in the kitchen whipping up our confections!  It was something straight outta The Great British Baking Show!

Neil photo bombing!

I made this fabulous Christmas wreath!  It was a meringue wreath that I had to make twice because I added the sugar too quickly.  Fresh whipped cream with vanilla bean paste-couldn't find it anywhere so I had to borrow from Carol!  Fresh fruit, mint, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top!
Christmas wreath

Rebecca and Daniel made this fabulous gingerbread pound cake with homemade cream cheese frosting with a  cinnamon sprinkle on top.  It was gorgeous!

Gingerbread pound cake

Nana's live table centerpiece with our desserts was just too pretty!

Nana made a pear/apple crumble with a steel cut oats crumble! It was hearty and and super delicious!

My brother made Mille-Feuille!  He saw it on the Great British Baking Show.  He went and raided my house for baking ingredients and eve piped the fresh whipped cream!  Neil didn't know what it was called so he named it "Gourmet Pop-Tart!"  It was tasty!

Pop Tart
 Dad made his mother's recipe of Pecan Pie!  It's a classic and he makes it every year...and it was buttery and scrumptious!
Dad's Pecan Pie

Rebecca and I made tasting plated for everyone.  Cutting 5 small pieces of these desserts was hard!  Somehow we made it through!

Each dessert was numbered and we each tasted them in order.  We then filled out our ballots and the votes were tallied...

I found this picture of Mille Feuille and I couldn't wait to put them next to each other! If he would have added a would have looked great!
Who won???

The Christmas wreath won with an astounding 5 1st place votes!  I was sooooo excited!  Now, what should be do next year?  We are thinking that everyone has to be given the secret ingredient! Maybe a can of cranberry??

Lewis Family Christmas

After we celebrated Christmas at home, we loaded up and headed to Ruston for more celebratin'!

Rebecca and Daniel gave Neil an ax!  It was hard to figure that out with that wrapping!

Henry said he wanted "a really powerful nerf gun!"

Our sweet Lillian's first Christmas!

The baby girls!

Lillian gave this book to Nana!

A drone for Bennett!  This is is 3rd drone.  The last 2 Christmases the others were up in trees!

A Wellie Wisher for our girl!?  Thanks Nana and Granddad!

Thanks for my uniform (yoga pants), Boodle!

A gun case for Bennett!

Nana got some cool oysters to bake in rather than using washed oyster shells...which taste like soap!  So cool!

We gave her this cool succulent centerpiece!

Matching bathing suits for the baby girls!

Yay Daniel!  He has a matching stocking filled with $2 bills!

The sweetest matching pj babies ever!

The grands with the grands!

Lillian and her stocking!!

She is the smartest girl in the whole wide world!

Granddad smoked this turkey and it was the BEST!

Thanks to Andrew for these sweet shirts!

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