Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Afternoon Outing

I picked up the boys, picked up Neil, and we all headed to the camp for the afternoon.  The boys are always in hog heaven out there.  They loving moving wood around and playing in the dirt.  They could play with gravel and trucks all day long.  We played for about an hour and then headed to Tina's Kitchen (a gas station/restaurant in Doyline) for dinner.  Nana and Grandad came too!  It was a fun, out of the ordinary evening.

The deck now has a roof.  We are really classin' up the place.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Beth Moore in Shreveport!

Leslie and I got to hear Beth Moore speak for the 4th time LIVE this past weekend.  We've traveled to San Antonio, OK City, and Bossier twice to hear her and Travis Cottrell.  It's always a great message, but what keeps me coming back each time is the praise and worship!  Travis Cottrell and the praise team are fabulous.  There is just something about 8,000 women singing worship songs that is so moving.  Oh, It was great!

Les, a cut-out of Beth, and me

I sent this pic to Leone and she wrote back "Mystic Bond!" hahahahaha!

me, Ann, Emme, and Leslie

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to the world, Madeline Claire!

One of my college roomies, Merideth had her 2nd girl on Thursday.  We both have December and now August babies!  I was so excited when I received the text of her lying on the scale!  Congrats, Merideth, Monty, and Molly!!!

I had some fun dressing her up in a monogrammed bow and blanket...both  I gave Molly, but they have the same monogram so  they work for Madeline!  How sweet is she!!???

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 37th!

Nana and Grandad celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary last week.  We were lucky enough to be invited to the celebratory dinner at Mabry House.  Happy 37th, to Nana and Grandad!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our weekend

Our weekend was so nice.  We didn't have a ton planned and the thought of no plans was exciting.  Bennett got to spend the night with Gammy on Friday night and literally could not wait!  It might as well have been Disney World he was so excited!  He asked everyday when he got to go.  So, we met up at Taco Bell and off he went.  

Since Bennett was with Gammy, Henry got a lot of alone time with me.  We just sat at home Friday night on the couch, read books, watched TV, and played horsey on Pops for 5 minutes.  What a relaxing evening!

Sarah was so sweet to invite us to ST for the "Dr. Seuss breakfast."  It was fun and we were so glad to be invited.  Henry and Reid were the sweetest things!  They held hands and walked in together.  After breakfast, we went back to Carolyn's for playing in the backyard in the beautiful weather.  

Betsy was there with her kids and took our picture!
We got home and Henry went down for a nap.  We had to get rested for Briggs, Brown, and Amelie's birthday party.  The party was so cute!  They even had the Kona Ice people so the kids got to have sno cones. They loved it.  We stayed at the party all evening.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Henry's 2nd birthday PARTY!!

We had a great time at Gymboree for Henry's second birthday.  He was excited about his party because he loves Gymboree.  He ran around and played the entire time.  We had the place to ourselves for about the first 20 minutes and we really thought that no one was coming.  But, after everyone woke up from naps we had a full house!  The only thing missing was Nana.  She was at home in the bed.  Poor thing had been sick for a week.  We got to FaceTime with her after the party and she got to watch Henry open his gifts.

Henry was loving all the activities.  He loves to slide and basically just play.  What a big 2 year old!


Justin and Caroline 

Skeet and Rebecca (Skeet was sooooooo excited about the party!)

The Lewis siblings in their party t-shirts.  Andrew came in all the way from Dallas.

Bennett had a ball too!

Brother banged these maracas on the air log for about 10 minutes straight!

Me and my 2 year old!

Henry LOVES jumping off the air log.  

So does Bennett!

Henry called the rocking horse a "neigh neigh."

Amy!  Thanks for coming!

I couldn't have done with all without Becky!  She came in all the way from Ruston.

It's like he knew it was just for him!

I was made fun of for knowing all the Gymboree songs.
After we sang to Henry under the parachute, it was time to put on our shoes and head to the party room for cake!


Pops with his appliqued shirt and Henry

Love all these friends!
I just noticed that I don't have a picture of Gammy nor Grandad on this post. Will update later!

Henry's Party Details

I didn't do much of anything for Henry's party that's why I love having parties NOT at my house.  At Gymboree you just show up with your cake.  It is sooooo nice.  Rebecca and I added a couple details and!

Aly B's did the cake and the cookies.

Michaelann did the tags, invites, cup labels, and thank you notes.  I thought they were cute!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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