Friday, June 29, 2018

Henry's Swim Team Party

Henry had his end of season party at Southern Trace a couple days after the City Swim Meet.  The party was at the pool, they received awards, and played games.

Thankfully, Amy was able to take Henry for me because my dad was having a defibrillator placed at the same time.  Thankful for friends who help me so much!  

Sadly, we weren't there for our boy.  I am so sad about this.  We needed to be there for him!  

Henry with his medal and 14th place ribbon.

He thought the ribbon was a 4th place, but who cares!

Way to go!

Thanks to Jenna for taking these fabulous pics for me!

We are so proud of you Henry!  You tried something new and didn't give up!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Henry's City Swim Meet

We are so proud of Henry trying swim team and finishing strong!  He shaved over 50 seconds off his freestyle score from the first meet to the last, won his heat for backstroke at City Meet, AND won a 14th place ribbon for the freestyle relay!  Gooooo Henry!

Rocking that speedo!

Pops came by to watch him

His ready stance kills me

Swimmers take your mark...


Henry and Reid (Reid is 1 week older than him)

Getting Relay ready!

wooohooooo!  Heat winner!

This cute picture is the one I saved from

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hooray, Santa Fe!

On our way home from Colorado we stopped in Santa Fe, NM. What a cool city!  We went for a delicious meal of {new}Mexican food and a walk around the town square.  Our plan for months was to go to Meow Wolf, but we were just too exhausted so we just got on the road and headed to Amarillo, TX after our Santa Fe stop.

Henry wanted a picture by this wagon.

Me with my native american earrings and sister with her beaded hair clip (in her hand)

Rocking those hair clips!

Sad to be walking to our car for the trip home. :(

Our last stop all together!  3 cars loaded down, 3 families, 7 kids, and a whole lot of fun and memories made!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Ouray, Colorado and Box Cañon Falls

On our last full day in Colorado, we took a little day trip to Ouray, Colorado (The Switzerland of America).  The drive was on the Million Dollar Highway which felt like we were driving on the edge of a cliff the whole two hours.  

The views were breathtaking, but I was terrified!  I was trying to be brave for the kids, but they were saying "Mom, it's ok!" Ouch.  I need to practice bravery a little better.  Our driver (Neil) was a champion driver and kept us safe the whole way there and back.

Our First Scenic Overlook Stop
We stopped at this overlook on the way there!
There were some Harley riders going up the Million Dollar Highway so we swapped taking each other's group pics!
Neil and the boys tried throwing rocks to a lake at the base of the overlook...Neil was the only one to make it!
These sweet babies!

Living our best life while the moms were souvenir shopping!

Switzerland of America!  A Little town nestled in between huge mountains
 After our little tour of Ouray and the Ouray brewery, we headed to a little hike called Box Canyon Falls.  They had it spelled two different ways so I will type both here.

We saw this bridge from the brewery and had no idea that we'd we walking across it.   It connects 2 mountains!

Base of the bridge that went into a cave

We headed back down to see the actual falls!

Henry loved his new Star Wars Ouray shirt and his dirty feet.

Bennett was not wanting this picture because he had just seen a sign that said "No flash photography!"

This girl trying to be in her Colorado chic with her river shoes and shirt and rocking her southern class with the shorts and the bow!

We walked all the way down to the water. It was the coolest!

Living our best lives!

These kids=awesome!

This picture is the best!  It just sums up how happy this trip made us all!  What a wonderful experience with some wonderful people!

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