Thursday, April 30, 2015

Disney on Ice

Henry {and I} was in for a real treat...Dawson wanted to go to Disney on Ice for his birthday and he invited Henry!  His mom was so sweet to do this.  She even got seats on the floor...front row!  I've never been that up close to this kind of was so much fun!

me, Henry, and Dawson
Look how close!!!  Henry could almost reach out and touch the "ellien."
Henry and Dawson
Eric and Ariel
Sweet boys!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sweet Sarah Kathryn's 1st birthday party!

It is just plain hard to believe that my last baby is 1!  It is so fun and bittersweet all at the same time.  Just to know none of my babies will ever be one again...tear.  But, we are so happy that she is thriving and loving life!

Merideth had the cutest party for Madeline's first birthday last year.  It was all the SWEETS and such and I asked if I could borrow.  She said YES!  Yippee for all the cute decorations I didn't have to make!!  We lined the driveway  and walkway in  lollipops that Merideth made.
SWEETS table

The throne

the favor was a toothbrush that said "for your sweet-tooth!"


I played a video I made on YouTube throughout the party...set to music.  I cried about 6 times while making it,

Baby girl loved her pizza

She was PISSED listening to everyone sing to her

Gammy, cake, and Nana make everything better.

precious one

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Not much damage

We opened her gifts and she got some great stuff.  This monogrammed dress from the Dicharry's was so cute!

Erinn got her monogrammed bloomers! LOVE and needed!  (There's Madeline in the background-all this party stuff was hers!)

Nana and Granddad gave her the most beautiful quilt you ever did see.  I LOVE this!  A few weeks ago Janine and I went and picked out fabric for this quilt and it's already pieced together!  I dropped it off at the quilter and I CANNOT wait to get it back!!  Such a special gift that will be treasured forever!

Obligatory family photo

We all wore pastels

 Love all this pink and purple!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wigs and Wine

I love supporting the schools where my kids attend.  I especially love it when it involves a girls night out!  Wearing wigs is more fun than I thought!  Can't wait to go again next year!

Amy and Me...friends for 15 years and still rocking it!

Karaoke...we cleared the room...maybe we were THAT good.

We found out the PTA president is also a Sigma Kappa! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Henry's School Easter fun

We had a lot of fun watching Henry sing at his Easter chapel. Oh, he did a great job! He looked so darn cute in Joseph's outfit, too! Thanks for letting us borrow, Joseph!

He sang, did the hand movements, and even jumped. He did decide to stop participating and stuck out his tongue, crossed his arms, and sat down. 

Henry's Easter hat was so much fun. Hot glue can make anything happen. He wanted a fireman hat so that's what we did. We put fireman Legos, eggs, and grass on it. He loved it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sarah Kathryn's 1st birthday

I say it with every baby on their first birthday, really any birthday, but where does the time go? I'm sure my parents wonder how they have a 33 year old!

Our baby girl is 1! She has been a delight to watch grow this year. She had a special day with birthday pancakes, a new baby doll and a princess castle, cupcakes, and birthday pizza. Girl loves to eat! 

Pops came over to celebrate with birthday pancakes. He brought her a cute dress. Pops buys the best presents! I love that my dad likes clothes for the kids.

This baby is so sweet!

The Dicharry's used this birthday hat for their girls first birthdays. So glad Erin let SK use it!

Cupcake sibling pic. The boys love that they get to open her presents and blow out her candles. 

Gammy came over to celebrate at dinner. Nana and Granddad called and FaceTimed our girl.

Her school is so sweet. They make a cupcake with the birthday child's finger as candles and the kids in the class use their fingerprints for the sprinkles. They made one for Henry when he turned 2. So cute!

Sarah Kathryn's classmates: Charlie (in the swing), SK, Piper, and James

Our sweet family

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