Saturday, December 29, 2012

Henry's First Haircut!

It has been time for Henry's first haircut so I finally caved.  He just looked like such a baby with it long in the back, but it was starting to look mullet-ish.  Since we aren't really for baby's with was time for a cut.  Sarah cut it for us just like she did Bennett's.  

Getting ready like a big boy!

It was pretty long!

He was good once he got a sucker!

Ta-da!  A big boy hair cut for a big boy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas day was a ton of fun.  We were glad to have Nana and Grandad stay the night so they could be here Christmas morning.  I woke up around 7am and couldn't believe Bennett wasn't up.  I hurried into the living room, readied my camera, and was going to lie on the couch until he woke up.  As I was pulling the blanket on my legs...he was up and at 'em!  He was thrilled to see what Santa brought him.

Slowly everyone started to wake up and make their way to our house for 8:30 breakfast.  We had the Jarvis traditional snowballs with eggs and bacon.  It was nice to be at home with family in or pjs!

Rebecca stayed in Ruston and since there was a rain storm she had to drive extra slowly.  Andrew's basement flooded so he had to tend to that.  We were able to get all the Lewis' here by around 12 for present opening.  

The boys loved their Brees capes from Justin

After it stopped raining...they got to ride their new Santa stuff!

Matching Santa pirate pjs!

Andrew had a great Christmas!

I got my very first pair of real Tory Burch flats.  So fun!  Andrew got me some adorable bracelets and Rebecca bought me some fabulous perfume!

Neil and Bennett made this wooden ice chest for their deck and Nana and Grandad each received pictures of the boys!

Neil loved the gun I got him.  Bennett bought him a Batman DVD.

Yay!  Becky loved her Lowe's gift-card and perfume!


The boys were very excited about Santa this year.  The elves were busy putting toys together on Christmas Eve to get everything ready for Christmas morning.

Henry received a tricycle, Little People Safari, and that other little toy that I don't know the name of.  Bennett received a bike, horse trailer (the only thing he asked for), and a remote control monster truck.

"What is all this?"

He received a Nerf gun but it had to be put up about 3 minutes after opening it.

He was still sleepy.

Henry is awake and excited!

He loves his tricycle!

Bennett bought this Elmo DVD for Henry.  Bennett was so excited for us to open our gifts from him.

cool dudes on their new rides

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Gift

Our Christmas Eve was such a nice one.  We went to church for the 3pm service and then went home for dinner. We decided to have an Italian Christmas with lasagna, antipasti skewers, caprese salads, and cinnamon chocolate cake.  Mom made her famous lasagna and I made the rest.  It was all pretty delish.

I always have great intentions of using real dishes, but I opted for paper plates this year again.  It is just so easy to clean up!  Our tablescape was a live one with sprigs of my dad's tree and cranberries.

the place card holder was 3 candy canes glued together.  Found it on Pinterest

Gammy loves her boys!

Family photo in front of our Christmas cards and stockings

Family photo with Gammy

Family photo with Nana and Grandad

My brother flew in from NYC...he loved Gloria

Close-up of the place card holder

We opened presents with the Jones side

Pops loved the fruit snacks that Bennett got him!

Dad likes to surprise me with a candle from Medina every year.  They are fabulous every year.

Henry liked the boxes better than the gifts!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

4 Carolers Caroling

At our Advent ornament exchange, Ashleigh, Erinn, and I talked about going caroling.  We planned it for December 23rd and that is just what we did.  David drove us around Ellerbe as we sang songs and drank hot chocolate.  Bennett was the only boy and was just so sweet.  He looked adorable in his hat and went along with the group.  He even suggested that they sing "Away in a Manger" at one of the houses.  I might have bribed him in to thinking that you get prizes at each house if you sing!  It made for a weird "trick-or-treat" type thing.  Oh well, we had treats in the truck!

Hot chocolate was all over him!

EG and EJ's grandparents were our first stop!

The Couvillion's loved it!  Bennett even sang "Rain, Rain, Go Away" as one of his carols.

Stopping for a photo in someone's yard

all holding hands...adorable!

They even tried out a swing on someone's porch!

me and my big boy!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gifts for Mrs. Lewis

I felt extra special this year as a teacher.  So many of my students remembered me this Christmas.  It makes me feel so good to know they appreciate me!  Here is a run-down of all the gifts I received this year.  The cards with hand-written notes mean so much to me.  Neil says I am like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds!
  • Devante brought me a bag of school supplies that his mom made up and said to give it to one teacher and he chose me!
  • Natalie and Shevonte' wrote me the sweetest cards
  • Alexis gave be a whole bag of goodies from Bath and Body works
  • Nicey gave me a Starbucks gift card  
  • a plastic cup with candy from Alexis H.
  •  an insulated cup with lid/straw from Becca 
  • a mug with hot chocolate and candy AND bath fizzers from Albert 
  • a seasoned pretzel mix from Michael Ann and Mary Lauren

Sweet card from Natalie.  

Thanks, Alexis!

Yes, we are cousins!
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