Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monster Truck Party

I have been totally MIA on the blog lately because my dad was in the hospital for a few days and it was just a tad scary around here.  He is doing great now and I am BTB (back to blogging)!

For the past few months Bennett has been talking about wanting a monster truck party at Kiddie Mia's.  It would go a little something like this...

me: "What kind of birthday party do you want?"
Bennett: "Monster Truck!!"
me: "Where do you want to have it?"
Bennett: "Kiddie Mia's!"  

And we had this discussion about 20 times just to make sure he still wanted to have it there.  I wanted to do it at a place where they could actually play with monster trucks, but he wanted at Kiddie Mia's!  It turned out to be the best, easiest party.  All we did was show up and the party was basically done.  I had other ideas and things I wanted to get done, but when we had to take my dad to the hospital ER and sit there for surgery...I just didn't have time and realized I had more important things to focus on. are the party details...

The many faces of Bennett

I asked a few of my students if they knew a kid with a "monster truck."  I said it just had to be one with big wheels and looked big because Bennett thinks EVERY truck if a monster truck.  When they told me about Leighton...I tracked him down on the baseball field, offered to pay him, and promised him cake!  He was so sweet to take time from his Sunday afternoon to let kids climb on his truck.

We crunched up butcher paper to make "a dirt road" down the center of the table for our monster trucks.  Thanks, Becky for the help.  The favor tags said "I'm WHEELY glad you came to my party love, Bennett."  We gave chocolate donuts (muddy tires) and mini monster trucks for the favors.  I was surprised at how many girls liked the monster trucks!

Bennett's face when he saw the monster truck!  He said "This is soooooo cool!"

I love this family!  Our shirts said "Bennett's pit crew."

All the grandparents minus my dad who had just gotten out of surgery

Henry had a blast!

Bennett and Briggs

Uncle A and Henry

Erin and Maddie

The adults had a ton of fun

me, Amy, Jenny, and Megan

Andrew and Grandad loved the games!

Henry and Mommy

I feel like there are lots of pictures of me!

Lifelong friend, Jennifer and me

The Buteau crew

Bennett enjoying his personalized cup of lemonade

4 candles!  I can't believe it.

When I picked up his cake from the bakery, I started tearing up...sad I know.

Sweet girls: EG and Georgia


Leslie and me

Leighton and his monster truck

The kids were like "what is going on?"

Bennett might have had a wedgie in front of everyone!
The only thing missing from the party was my dad and Carolyn.  Oh well, they will be there for #5!


  1. Fabulous party! I love all the details especially the real monster truck and bennett's pit crew t-shirts!

  2. What a fun party! You outdid yourself as usual. I love Bennett's reaction to seeing the truck and the shirts were such a great idea!

  3. ADORABLE!! Love Bennett's reaction to the monster truck! You know I need help with boy clothes!! Where did you get his adorable shirt made?? I feel like we have a million cute pants and not too many cute shirts to go with them!!

    Glad your dad is doing better too!


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