Friday, November 29, 2013

Bennett's fun

My BIG boy was certainly not neglected while he was with Nana and Grandad.  He has a total blast!  One highlight was that he found all of Grandad's old wooden blocks.  He built all kinds of forts and robots with them.  What fun!

The boys were so excited to see each other!

In the deer stand with Daddy.  He would NOT take his hood off at all.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Cooks

This Thanksgiving was so nice and I actually felt relaxed even though I was busy.  We usually travel to Alabama to see my grandfather, but since he passed away last year we stayed close to home.  I was sad to miss the BIG Oneonta Thanksgiving, but being home was just what we needed.  I've had a trip to Houston planned for about 6 months to see Hillsong United with my cousins.  It was going to be fabulous I just know!  The weather had different plans.  It was cold and rainy for 4 solid days in Shreveport and Houston so Neil thought it would be best if I re-evaluated my travel plans.  I decided to stay home and cook!

Henry and I enjoyed ourselves (Bennett was in Ruston) immensely.  We both had naps on Monday and Tuesday and whoa they was fabulous!

So here are all the cooks that I was able to snap pictures of...

MY VERY OWN PEETA MELLARK...he bakes bread people!

Neil AKA Peeta

Becky and Bennett making dressing.  Bennett tore up all the cornbread.

Henry tried to help but he got stuck in his high chair and was DONE.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

19 weeks...almost halfway there!


How Far Along: 19 Weeks 

Size of baby: an heirloom tomato (from

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 6 pounds at last appointment

Maternity Clothes: Maternity Jeans and some pants/regular tops

Gender: We aren't finding out!

Movement: a few little flutters!

Sleep: I sleep really well except for bathroom breaks and constant switching from side to side.

What I miss: nothing

Cravings: I have been loving cold fruit, salads, and PANCAKES!

Symptoms:  tail bone pain, but thankfully Heather Howard was able to do some fancy stretches on me at church to knock me back in line

Best Moment this week: seeing the baby last week and getting about 30 new pictures!

19 weeks with Henry

Legos and Lunch

Since I only had Henry for Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week we had some fun outings.  I wanted Bennett to be with us, but I thought "I would have taken Bennett at Henry's age" so we went!  Henry and I had some great one-on-one time.  He was the sweetest boy.  We headed to Sci-Port for the Lego Castle Adventure exhibit.  He loved it!

Henry had a total blast building his own castle.  He loved these huge legos.  We were building with about 3-4 other kids when another 2 year old just came and plowed through the entire thing!  He knocked everything down and started basically swimming through the blocks to make sure each one was knocked over.  His mom just said "awwww are you swimming in the blocks?"  The other mom's and I were sitting there dumbfounded.

 We started the re-building process on our own castle.  Henry literally stayed in this area for 45 minutes.  He loved it.

Well, we got the whole thing built and while standing inside Henry said "I did it!"  He was so proud!  The kid came back and tried to knock our new castle over AGAIN!  I had to say "NO! NO!"  His mom looked at me like I was crazy, but I had to stand up for my baby!
so fun!

Castle slide
We really had so much fun!  I was so glad to be able to have alone time with Henry like I had with Bennett all the time.  It is very important for me that Henry does not feel like the "middle child."  I want him to know how important he is!

Neil picked us up from Sci-Port and we met the Price's and Buteau's for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant in Bossier.  It was a fun day out!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Richard is 60!

I can't believe Richard is 60!  It seems like yesterday he was wee little 50 year old.  We got a sitter for the boys and headed to Monroe for a delicious meal at Cotton.  Willie and Korie Robertson sat at the table next to us!  We didn't speak to them because we are sure they didn't want to be bothered.  And, I am not one let someone know I recognize them.  

Grandad received another vest and 2 Southern Marsh t-shirts.  He is always needing a couple tops for the sailboat.

Richard and Janine

Richard would NOT blow out the candle! He faked me out on the picture every time.

All of us minus Andrew

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bennett's Thanksgiving Feast

Bennett's Thanksgiving feast was just adorable!  I am so glad I took off a 1/2 day so that I could be there with my boy.  Thanks to Carol for watching the last 10 minutes of my class so that I could be on rock!

Mrs. E sent a note home with what every child chose to bring to the feast.  Bennett chose oranges and apples.  Easy enough for us!  Neil and I peeled a bushel of oranges the night before.  The letter also said that the room mom's were going to be the only people to serve and that other parents were welcome to attend but we could only stand back and watch.  Well, this made Neil feel like he shouldn't go, but I wasn't staying away.  Thank God I didn't!  Every child had either their mom, both parents, or grandparents there!  I am so glad I went because my boy would have been the only child without someone.  I drove off thinking how sad he/I would have been to not have someone there.  Also, the teacher wanted each parent to help their child serve their we were needed!  Goodness I never know what to do, but I do know that he is only little for a short time and I am just not missing his special days.  

I arrived and they were all seated in the circle in their Indian dress.  Bennett told me ahead of time he was the only kid with a green feather.  He chose it because it's Neil's favorite color.  He loves his daddy.  

Mrs. E told the children about manners, letting girls go first, and that we wait until everyone is served before we eat.  All lessons are not academic and I appreciated this life lesson.  

Singing their Thanksgiving songs

So sweet!
saying the prayer before the feast

How cute is the tablescape?  His place card will be used at our Thanksgiving table, as well.

me and my big 4 year old!

he ate really well...his favorite was the ham.  

These pies were amazing! I had to sneak a bite.  Brody's mom made these sweet potato pies.  The thought of sweet potato pie grosses me out, but man these were DELISH!

I love this!

Bennett and Sam with their tom-toms

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our beautiful 3rd baby!

Top: profile, bottom left: hand, and bottom right: 3D face shot
We are so excited to announce that our baby looks healthy and perfect!  Yippee!  I've been constantly worried about this baby for some reason.  I did find out that I have placenta previa which means the placenta is low.  Kerry didn't seem worried because she said 90% of them move on their own.  We will be praying for that!  We will re-check in 4 weeks with an ultrasound!  Yesssssssssss!  I love ultrasounds.

I do think they should give an ultrasound every time you go to the doctor.  Waiting 7 weeks to see my baby again was almost too much for me.  I just think that I NEVER go 7 weeks about seeing my kids now...why do I have to wait while they are in utero!?

We still are not finding out the gender.  Everyone is chomping at the bit to find out.  It is sort of funny watching everyone least that's what Neil says!

Monday, November 18, 2013

What we've been doing

Amy and I showed up to Keegan and AC's b-day party dressed alike

My boys got to skate!  We had just left Santa pics that's why they are wearing Christmas clothes in November.

These adorable boys picked out Christmas gifts.  Bennett put a "B" by all the things he wanted and an "H" by the things Henry wanted.  At least 8 things per page have a "B" next to it.

My sweet Bennett brought me gifts from school.  A turquoise fan  because it's my favorite color and a ponytail holder he found on the playground!  He even said "I got all the wood-chips off it for you!"

Spirit Day at FBCS!

Not many pics of Henry because he got to stay with my mom for 24 hours.  They had so much fun and he was exhausted when he got home.  He went to Bass Pro, Wal-mart, walking, shopping, out to breakfast...and the list goes on!
We had a "mystery date night" at church.  This is the best deal in town!  I love how our church invests in families.  We got to the church, picked up our tortilla box clues, and headed to Cantina Laredo.  Our next stop was Red Mango.  We got 3 hours of child care, dinner, and dessert for $30!  Sweet! 

I took Bennett to "Thomas the Train" day at Toy Fair.

He also had a birthday party at Gators and Friends.  He LOVES this outfit of camo pants and this top.  My boy!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Camp

We decided to take the boys on a spur of the moment Friday evening to the camp.  They LOVED it.  Anything outdoorsy and dirty is right up their alley.  We rode the ranger that stays out there through the woods, made a fire, and did s'mores.  What more could you ask for in a camping trip?

Bennett in the deer stand.  After he got down Henry said "MY TURN!"  We didn't let him climb up there.

picnic on the floor

Helping Daddy with the fire

We said it was time for bed and Henry went and got in my bed!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

We went to the fair.

I finally got my camera back from Canon.  It only took 3 weeks, 10 e-mails, 5 calls, and $300 to get my camera fixed.  Thanks to Bennett for popping a key off my SCHOOL laptop and shoving it in my memory card slot.  They replaced a few old parts of my camera while it was there so that was nice of them.  so glad to have it back!

My dad had some free passes to the fair so we used them and went.  Little did we know that it was $1 day so it was PACKED with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.  I just didn't realize how colorful the fair-goers could be.  I mean Wow.  We enjoyed ourselves by eating everything off a stick and watching the kids ride kiddie rides.

We were glad that Gammy met us there because she totally loves anything for kids.  That must be where I get it! We started off at the circus which was a little weird with some dancers dangling from ropes.  We headed to the midway, leaving in the middle of the circus.

corndogs for the boys

The big slide for everyone but me.  This is my favorite fair thing!

They loved it!

Neil almost went off on the carney operating this ride.  We told him we wanted Henry to be able to ride with Bennett so he told us to wait.  We waited and then he said Henry was too small!  Ugh!

Henry got to ride the zebra with Gammy

Both boys rode the truck together.  I wanted them next to each other for better pics, but Bennett was having nothing of it!

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