Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guest Speaker and CSHS vs. Byrd

We have had a busy week! It was Shreve vs. Byrd week at school. CSHS and Byrd are huge rivals and always have been. It was so much fun to see everyone get in the "gator spirit" this week.

In my Adult Responsibilities class, we have been talking about alternatives for teen pregnancy. One of the alternatives in the book is about adoption. My friend and co-worker, Toby came and spoke to two of my classes. She told them her story about adopting their son. It was great.

Since my friend, Amanda couldn't make it to speak in person (she lives in Indiana)...we called her on Skype! It was so cool to have her speak to my class through the internet. I was really proud to bring this type of technology into my classroom. She has the sweetest adoption story and I love that she shared it with us. She even offered a prize to the student that could guess the name that her birth parent named her! They guessed names like the following: Mulan, Roxy, Bob, Sara, Nikki, and lots of people thought Samantha. They were way off...the actual name was Olivia. Too bad no one will win the prize. Everyone already won by hearing her story! Thanks Sister Leone!

Here she is on my Smartboard! So cool!

We had a pep-rally on Thursday before the big game. I got roped into doing the teacher dance despite my no rhythm self. We had one practice with a song. When we got to the pep rally we had a different song! The dance had a total of 4 moves and I forgot to do 2 of them. The dance brought back memories of trying out for JV cheerleader in high school in this very same gym and not remembering the cheer nor the dance during the tryout. Maybe I can redeem myself in the faculty talent show when I play Posh Spice.

You can barely see me in this photo. I am just proud because my arms are in the air and so are everyone else's. (I am in the back behind Toby (white shorts) and Jason)

We went to the game as a family. Bennett was so cute. He climbed all over Betty Sue (the art teacher) for a little while. She loved it!
We ended up letting Byrd win since we won last year. All in all... a fun Shreve/Byrd week!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pizza Night

Neil and I have been wanting to make some pizza at home. We both really like pizza...Johnny's is our favortie. Our absolute favorite is Canadian bacon and black olive pizza. We used to order it all the time when we were in college. Neil was actually going to propose to me using a pizza and was going to have the black olives spell out "will you marry me." I love it. He didn't get to because too many people knew he was going to propose so he just had to ask me bright and early one morning.

Anyway, we got the idea to start trying out different pizzas. We won't try the crust we bought again, but the toppings were fab!

This is just Canadian bacon and black olive.

Here is the seafood Alfredo pizza. We used Alfredo for the sauce with scallops and shrimp. I liked this one.

The Raines family, Rebecca, and Amy came over to eat. Bennett and Drew were so cute playing together.

Bennett kept taking Leigh's cookie.

Bennett gave "Dew" a was so sweet!
I feel like Rebecca didn't want her picture made. Oh one anyway!

Yippee for Pizza night!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Amy was so sweet to give us free tickets to the circus. We were excited to take Bennett to his first circus. It was the Shriners circus and it was for a good cause. We met Casey and Mason there.

The boys saw Mickey and were excited to give him a kiss!

Here are the boys before the circus started.

This was the best picture I got of them both staring at the circus.

Yay elephants!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Neil's 10 year reunion

We left on Friday right after school and headed to Ruston for Neil's 10 year Ruston High reunion. I just threw on some shorts and a shirt for the ride to Ruston. Little did I know that we would not have time for me to change clothes. I was so embarrassed! We met Danny and Megan Walpole, Lindsey and Kyle Allen, Heath, and James & Mackenzie at Ponchatoulas before the game. Everyone was all dressed up for the Ruston High game and Sundown afterwards. Like Amy says "Oh is Ruston!" We had a great time at Sundown seeing everyone. Kudos to Neil's class...there were about 200 people there including spouses. I was shocked at the great turn-out.
On Saturday, they had a bbq at Toma Lodge. Everyone came and brought their kids. Most of the kids were Bennett's age. Too bad he is still in the "parallel play" stage. He really didn't notice the other kids. He played a lot with sticks and Spaz (Kyle and Lindsey's dog).
We were excited to see Kyle Roberts, Neil's cousin. I forgot that they graduated together. We love Kyle and his wife, Judith.

Bennett played so hard at the bbq. I stayed inside with the other girls and talked. We had a great time!
We came home to give Bennett a nap. While he was napping, I ran a few errands. I went to get Bennett a new Tech shirt, ran to the Lewis Boutique, and to get a pedicure. It was a productive afternoon.

We took Bennett to the Tech game. He has never been to a college game before. He looked so cute in his Tech blue. It happened to be a "Red Out" game yesterday. This is when all fans wear red...too bad we didn't get the memo until we got there. We were all in blue.

Tech family portrait! (in blue!)
I got to see Sister Douglas!! I went up to their booth to buy a Legacy Park t-shirt and saw her! I was excited to finally get my shirt. If you don't have one...go here to get it! It is a great cause! She is due with Baby Caroline in February...doesn't she look great?

I have never sat on the home side of the Tech field. I was glad that I went. The seats that Richard has are awesome! Neil used to sit in these seats when he was little.

I was so impressed with Tech's field. It has gotten so nice since we left. The jumbotron screen was huge!

See all the red fans? We stuck out like blue thumbs!
Bennett and Nana

Bennett kept giving Machine hugs the entire time.

Here is a group shot. Scot Simmons, Richard, Bennett, me, Beau, Neil and Janine. Kristen was there too but didn't lean in for the picture.
Right now, we are sitting here watching the Saints game. It is not looking pretty. We are hopeful!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Veggie Tales Live!

Me, Bennett, and Mom went to Veggie Tales Live tonight. Neil has been feeling bad the past couple of days so he needed to stay home and rest. Bennett has never seen anything like this so I was really excited to take him. He didn't really know what to think about it at first, but then he warmed up and was dancing all over the place!

Here is my Embrace the Camera picture this week! (We had See you at the Pole today that's why I am wearing my FCA shirt!)

This is Bennett when the show first started! He was mesmerized!

Dancing veggies are so cute!

Gammy and Bennett

Gammy bought this Bob hat for Bennett. He was loving it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Date Night!

Neil and I had a really fun date night tonight. We went to Painting with a Twist. I got Neil to go because the painting was a Saints flag. Since we didn't need 2 Saints flags...I made one for my classroom!

Here we are with our blank canvases.

Coming along...Neil asked if we were the "Captain Shreve Dinosaurs!"

Neilangelo (as he called himself) did such a great job!

Here we are at the end of the class. I think they turned out pretty cute!
Can't wait for our next date night!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Neil was camping in Arkansas this weekend. Bennett and I just kept ourselves extra busy this weekend. We got up Saturday bright and early and went to Annabella's soccer game! She was so cute. We stayed for about 10 minutes to watch the Pickles athleticism.

Annabella is so sweet to Bennett. She loves "Baby Bennett."

After the game, we went to lunch with Amy, Rebecca, and Carli. We made it home just in time for a nap and relaxing. I did some lesson plans while Bennett napped.

Merideth and Miss Molly (on the way) were in town so we met her and Amy at Counter Culture. Bennett loved that yogurt!

We used to call ourselves the "Maple Girls!" (We lived on Maple Street in Ruston.) We are planning Merideth's shower for her first baby! yay!

We headed to Georgia's house to see the sweet boys and to eat dinner. Bennett had so much fun playing. B and G got to have a little picnic on the floor. What cuties! I had a lot of fun visiting with Erinn and Emily.

The Hannas invited us over for the Saints game. I whipped these up on Sunday night to take over there.

Bennett ended up with fever tonight so we stayed home. Poor sweet boy. I am hoping he feels like his old self soon!
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