Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guest Speaker and CSHS vs. Byrd

We have had a busy week! It was Shreve vs. Byrd week at school. CSHS and Byrd are huge rivals and always have been. It was so much fun to see everyone get in the "gator spirit" this week.

In my Adult Responsibilities class, we have been talking about alternatives for teen pregnancy. One of the alternatives in the book is about adoption. My friend and co-worker, Toby came and spoke to two of my classes. She told them her story about adopting their son. It was great.

Since my friend, Amanda couldn't make it to speak in person (she lives in Indiana)...we called her on Skype! It was so cool to have her speak to my class through the internet. I was really proud to bring this type of technology into my classroom. She has the sweetest adoption story and I love that she shared it with us. She even offered a prize to the student that could guess the name that her birth parent named her! They guessed names like the following: Mulan, Roxy, Bob, Sara, Nikki, and lots of people thought Samantha. They were way off...the actual name was Olivia. Too bad no one will win the prize. Everyone already won by hearing her story! Thanks Sister Leone!

Here she is on my Smartboard! So cool!

We had a pep-rally on Thursday before the big game. I got roped into doing the teacher dance despite my no rhythm self. We had one practice with a song. When we got to the pep rally we had a different song! The dance had a total of 4 moves and I forgot to do 2 of them. The dance brought back memories of trying out for JV cheerleader in high school in this very same gym and not remembering the cheer nor the dance during the tryout. Maybe I can redeem myself in the faculty talent show when I play Posh Spice.

You can barely see me in this photo. I am just proud because my arms are in the air and so are everyone else's. (I am in the back behind Toby (white shorts) and Jason)

We went to the game as a family. Bennett was so cute. He climbed all over Betty Sue (the art teacher) for a little while. She loved it!
We ended up letting Byrd win since we won last year. All in all... a fun Shreve/Byrd week!


  1. Way to introduce technology! Go Gators!

  2. I can't seem to find honeymoon blog from 2009. What month is it under?

  3. haven't visited the actual website in a while. Looks like it's been renovated. A lot of pink. Looks good.


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