Sunday, September 26, 2010

Neil's 10 year reunion

We left on Friday right after school and headed to Ruston for Neil's 10 year Ruston High reunion. I just threw on some shorts and a shirt for the ride to Ruston. Little did I know that we would not have time for me to change clothes. I was so embarrassed! We met Danny and Megan Walpole, Lindsey and Kyle Allen, Heath, and James & Mackenzie at Ponchatoulas before the game. Everyone was all dressed up for the Ruston High game and Sundown afterwards. Like Amy says "Oh is Ruston!" We had a great time at Sundown seeing everyone. Kudos to Neil's class...there were about 200 people there including spouses. I was shocked at the great turn-out.
On Saturday, they had a bbq at Toma Lodge. Everyone came and brought their kids. Most of the kids were Bennett's age. Too bad he is still in the "parallel play" stage. He really didn't notice the other kids. He played a lot with sticks and Spaz (Kyle and Lindsey's dog).
We were excited to see Kyle Roberts, Neil's cousin. I forgot that they graduated together. We love Kyle and his wife, Judith.

Bennett played so hard at the bbq. I stayed inside with the other girls and talked. We had a great time!
We came home to give Bennett a nap. While he was napping, I ran a few errands. I went to get Bennett a new Tech shirt, ran to the Lewis Boutique, and to get a pedicure. It was a productive afternoon.

We took Bennett to the Tech game. He has never been to a college game before. He looked so cute in his Tech blue. It happened to be a "Red Out" game yesterday. This is when all fans wear red...too bad we didn't get the memo until we got there. We were all in blue.

Tech family portrait! (in blue!)
I got to see Sister Douglas!! I went up to their booth to buy a Legacy Park t-shirt and saw her! I was excited to finally get my shirt. If you don't have one...go here to get it! It is a great cause! She is due with Baby Caroline in February...doesn't she look great?

I have never sat on the home side of the Tech field. I was glad that I went. The seats that Richard has are awesome! Neil used to sit in these seats when he was little.

I was so impressed with Tech's field. It has gotten so nice since we left. The jumbotron screen was huge!

See all the red fans? We stuck out like blue thumbs!
Bennett and Nana

Bennett kept giving Machine hugs the entire time.

Here is a group shot. Scot Simmons, Richard, Bennett, me, Beau, Neil and Janine. Kristen was there too but didn't lean in for the picture.
Right now, we are sitting here watching the Saints game. It is not looking pretty. We are hopeful!


  1. Looks like you all had a blast! Love the pic of you and Sister Beck!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. I'm glad Becky made the blog!! Where did you get Bennett's Tech polo?

  3. Kyle and Neil are cousins??? Really??? I never knew that!


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