Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saints vs. Vikings

To say that Neil has been excited for tonight for months might be an understatement...He was thrilled! Neil has been a Saints fan since he was little. No bandwagon fans here. When we started dating in 2003 we went to a Saints game! I didn't think it would be very much fun, but I loved it! He has made me into a fan that even wears Saints clothing. Neil bought me a new shirt for tonight and everything. We had a few people over for jambalaya and football. Leigh gave me all of the leftovers from Bunco last night to serve tonight. Since Beau/Drew and Neil/Bennett matched I tried to get a picture... so cute!!

Amy is always dressed so cute and stylish, but not in tacky sports clothes! Thanks for coming Amy!
Goooooooo Saints! Who Dat? We are hoping for a winning season and another Super Bowl win.

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