Friday, November 24, 2017

Thankgiving Feasts

We had Henry and Sarah Kathryn's Thanksgiving Feasts at their schools.  I feel like all I do is run between schools during the holidays and I LOVE IT.  I have a friend who has kids in all the same classes as my kids even at both schools and we just sort of high 5 each other as we pass in the hallways!  It's fun, but nuts!  

I give all of the grandparents the dates of everything and they all try to make it to what they can.  Pops and Gammy and I were able to make it to Henry's feast and Pops and went to Sarah Kathryn's!

Pops or I will usually pick up a cute cookie from Julieanne's to go with the theme of the lunch.

Hes so happy!

Henry and his sweet friends Sophia an Caden.  Caden is Henry's FAVORITE friend.

Our girl looked so cute in her pilgrim bonnet and collar!

She even made her placemat!  The apple juice was her favorite part.

Pilgrim SK and Pops

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rowdy Raccoon=Henry

We had Henry's Indian Holiday party at school and boy, was it fun!  The Kindergarten teachers at our school are pretty darn incredible!  Each child got to choose an Indian Name and Henry chose Rowdy Raccoon which was the name his Bridging teacher game him last year!  How sweet that he kept it!

The kids got to paint their shirts, I painted their names on them and Jennifer and I fringed and beaded them all.  Our fingers were raw by the end of the beading!

Vihaan, Henry, and Baileigh

Here they are making their Indian drawings.

He also made an autumn wreath.

Fatty and Henry

Gosh he is cute! I worked the face painting station and I only drew 3 lines because that about maximizes my artistic ability!

Henry and his favorite friends, Caden and John Hunter!

How cute is this class photo?

Sweet babies!

Neil and I made these sweet teepees for the kids snacks.  They were chocolate pudding, oreo crumbs, waffle cone with sprinkles and pretzel sticks for the top!  I made the cones while Neil did the "mud and dirt."  My sous chef is BOMB.

Henry loved having Daddy there to celebrate!  I think Neil really wanted to see the kids enjoy his fancy harvest snack!

This is a face of delight!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bennett and Shreveport Dynasty

Bennett played fall season on the travel ball team, Shreveport Dynasty.  It was a learning experience for sure!  We learned that not everyone treats baseball as a fun sport to learn sportsmanship, character, and team loyalty like we do.  Of course, winning is fun, but I am not about coach's cussing, crying, taking it way too seriously, and straight up being crazy about 8 year old baseball! 

I told everyone that it should be fun, and parents said "they will have fun once they start winning!" haha!  We will stick to recreational baseball for our boy.

Neil was able to meet us in Pineville after his bachelor party so that was good for both of us.  I loved being with just B, but I feel safer when Neil is with us while we are out of town.

Cute little team

Got that Bat UP!

Bennett loves Baseball!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mother/Son BINGO Night

We added in some family events to the school calendar this year and it turned out to be a GREAT idea!  I got to take my boys to the school for a little night of fun.  We didn't win a prize, but We got to be together so that was fun!  And by together I mean that Bennett went outside to play football with friends and Henry ran around inside with his friends! ha!  It was a good time.

I feel like Sweet Henry doesn't like pictures at all.

Me with Sweet B who does like to take pics!

Principals' Luncheon

As PTA President this year at the boys' school I was able to attend the District PTA Presidents' Luncheon.  The theme was football so they had us decorate the table in the principal's favorite football team. We all wore football jerseys and I made caramel corn place cards for each person.  We were able to invite our Educator of Distinction and Teacher of the Year to honor them as well.  What a fun event!

One thing about having your BFF at the school where your kids go is you get to attend events together!  YESSSSSSSSSSS!

I wore Neil's Saints jersey and got to see my friends from other schools!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

St. Paul's Santa's Workshop

We had a blast raising money at the St. Paul's Santa's workshop for out little pre-school.  This Christmas themed event is before Thanksgiving so it's a little random for wearing your Christmas duds.  That might by why SK got up to sing and said "I AM NOT SINGING!" 

She is not feeling it.  I love that she and Elise are next to each other!

Henry went to Ruston.  I took the kids to the program, Neil was on Daniel's bachelor party, Mom took SK after the program, and I took Bennett to Pineville for a baseball tournament directly after the singing!  Whew!  I am tired just typing that!

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