Sunday, April 28, 2019

Cousin Sister Friend Weekend!

Since the boys were away for the canoe trip we decided that we needed a girls only trip to Dallas.  We celebrated Sarah Kathryn's birthday in style.  I LOVE to celebrate, but WHOA I was exhausted from celebrating her about 19 different times.  

Lillian and Rebecca arrived in Shreveport and we left around 10 on Friday morning.  We had big plans to head to Candytopia so we had to get to Dallas early.

We stopped for lunch at delicious Subway and to feed and change Lillian. 
We arrived at our hotel and had a very special package on the table when we got to our room!  An American Girl package!  We added the slumber party package to our room!  It was a tad weird because they don't do the American Girl packages anymore, but they just happened to find this last one in a closet somewhere.  LUCKY!

Rebecca had the best idea ever to get these shirts made to look sort of like the American Girl logo.  And since SK calls she and Lillian "Cousin Sister friends" we had to roll with this as our theme.
She changed her clothes and Tenney's clothes immediately!

I had other plans! We had matching outfits!! I LOVE matching my girl!  We think it is the most fun.

Candytopia is an art installation made of candy!  So much fun and so cute!

Me with my favorite girls!

This jungle room was so fancy!  They gave gummy bears in this room.  It was a whole jungle with animals made of candy.

The ocean room had a treasure chest filled with airheads!

This was the art hall with lots of famous paintings made of candy.  Candy necklaces for the win!

The confetti room was my fave and I LOVE this pic of Lillian

The pigs would fart out confetti.  Classy.

The marshmallow pit!!!

They weren't real marshmallows.

We left CandyTopia and met Leslie for dinner at a super fun place and then headed to the hotel to get these girls in bed to rest up for the next big day.

She got to sleep on the couch bed (her favorite) with a bed for Tenney!

We got up bright and early and went downstairs for the delicious continental breakfast.  We got to take Lillian with us and got to see the swans while Boodle finished getting ready.  

1st stop: DRY BAR!  If you know Rebecca and me-you know we don't do our own hair in Dallas.

Sister got the "Shirley Temple" and was pumped!  This is her "before."

Mother Daughter Blow-outs!  Yes, please!
After our blow outs we headed straight to the American Girl store for exploring, lunch, and fun!  SK LOVED putting Tenney Grant in all of the little set ups around the store.  I could have let her do that for hours.

She LOVED it.

We love matching,

And this is why Rebecca says "everyone hates Americans." Doll Salon.  Here she is choosing what hairstyle, ribbon colors, and earrings she wants for her doll.  This is pretty EXTRA, but as I type this during CO-VID 19, everything is extra. 

Time for Lunch!
They seriously thought of everything!

The sweetest girl was so good!

Sister got a parfait and fruit kabob!

And her very own cake!

And a gift!

Ice cream and cake served up!
Thank you for the wonderful lunch, Nana and Granddad!  What a suprise!

Next up was Tenney's hair do!

SK chose red and blue ribbons for her look.

Wow! What a fabulous look!

And the finale!  This brave girl has been talking about getting her ears pierced for months!  We bit the bullet and let her!  She was so brave and couldn't wait to get them done!

So big!

Oh hey, earrings!

We picked out her new Kindergarten backpack!
Whew that was a big day!  We headed back to the hotel for the slumber party with pizza!  Rebecca gave her the pizza party AG set and Nana and G brought her the balloons from Caroline Hunt's 0th birthday party!

What a fun slumber party!

We got on the road the next morning and headed for home from a wonderful weekend of celebrating Cousin Sister Friend Style!

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