Saturday, June 27, 2015

Amy's Bachelorette Party!

We've been planning Amy's bachelorette party for a few months now.  Let me just say that it was the most fun bachelorette party EVER!  We had a whole day of events in town so it made it to where different people could come to different parts.  So fun!  Amy wanted to lay out, go to the spa, and have a lingerie shower.  We made it all happen!

I told Neil to pretend I was out of town because I had to stop by the house to shower and change a couple times.  It was such a no stress day!  Thanks, Neil for taking care of the kids so I could celebrate Amy.

We started the day by Catherine's fabulous pool.  Amy wanted to get some sun and relax.  Everyone was invited to everything.  We had about 15-20 people join us for the pool time and brunch type foods.  We had mini pancake muffins, donuts, mimosas,  fruit infused water, and mini quiche.  
Some of the ladies enjoying the sun and fun.

Next stop was the spa.  Amy got a pedicure and a blow-out.  We are all getting our manicures the day before the wedding so we opted not to get  manicures today.

The bride to be!

Our last event was a lingerie shower at Michelle's house.  All the bridesmaid's brought a mini food.  We did it just like Emily's a couple years ago.  It was adorable!  We had about 30 girls for the lingerie part.  So fun!  Amy played a "how well do you know Daniel game" and she got 11/20 correct.  Pretty good if you ask me!
Amy, me, and my romper! :)

Since most of us hadn't been out in ages, we decided to hit up the Rockin' Rodeo for some late night fun.  We danced until 1am!  I don't remember the last time I stayed up so late!  How fun!

This is the group before we went in.  They let us all in for free because of the party!

Dancing the night away!

And this was the group after. Whoa.  Some went home and 3 of them stayed out until 4am!  I like how Marge is wearing the veil at the end of the night!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Camping at Daisy State Park

Neil decided that he wanted to go camping for Father's Day.  I loved camping as a kid!  The boys were so excited!  Rebecca and Daniel kept Sarah Kathryn for us and I am so glad they did!  She would have not enjoyed camping in a pop-up with no A/C and no place to crawl around.  Thanks, Rebecca and Daniel!

We drove up to Arkansas on Friday afternoon.  It was an easy drive and we made it in a couple hours.  We stopped at Nadine's for dinner.  We noticed that all the restaurants in the small Arkansas towns were named after someone.  We got to camp and Neil started setting up the camper while I occupied the boys.  We checked out the bath house and our camping neighbors.  The next camp site over had a 9 year old boy from  Bossier and 2 down from us was Lee Sims, a teacher I taught with at CSHS!  Small world!  Can't get away from anyone!  The boys stayed up and played until 10.  Neil took Henry for a shower and we all went to bed. 

We got up the next morning feeling sticky and hot!  Neil and Bennett went to Darlene's restaurant to get coffee and then came back and made breakfast.  Mmmmmmm..nothing like breakfast at camp.  Those are my aunt's words...not mine!  It was delish.

Camp Chef...he is good-looking and a good cook.

We were up and at 'em by 9am.  Our neighbors weren't even awake when we left for our day of adventure!  We stopped for a quick picture and then headed to the Crater of Diamonds state park.

We didn't know that the Crater of Diamonds was having their annual Gemboree this weekend!  There were lots of people, games, and prizes.  The first game was "Diamond Toss" which was really just bean bag toss.  They had different age groups and the Lewis brothers both won their age groups!  Lewis brothers sweeping the competition!!!!

Henry won first place in 3-5 year olds and won that sweet water gun.  Here he is with the park ranger.
Bennett won 2nd in the 6-10 year olds.  He won some water grenades.
Off to dig for diamonds!  We didn't find anything.  We were very unprepared.  We brought some beach toys and a sand sifter and no.  Just no.  I guess diamond digging isn't for us!

We hung up our shovels and had a picnic lunch while we waited for the pool to open.  After a hot morning, this is just what we needed!  The little water park had slides, waterfalls, and rocks.  So fun!  Except they told the boys they couldn't play with their toys that they won there.  Hmmm.. weird.  There was some great people watching, too!

Our next stop was Dino Dig.  It was a pawn store that had a room with sand in it with buried rocks.  It was a delight!  The a/c was blasting and it was heaven.  It was so clean too.  We had a family competition to see who could find the most rocks.  I think they dug for 2 hours.  I fell asleep in the chair at one point because it was so quiet because we were the only ones there.  Delightful!

After digging and swimming...this 3 year old needed a nap.  We let him nap in the running car for 2 hours.
We got back to camp and it was the perfect time to break out my sweet scavenger hunt bags.  I printed off a list, taped it to a bag, and added a pencil.  I thought they were pretty sweet!  We even had one for the next door kid. 
After nap sleepy boy.
Water gun fun.
We met another little boy from up the street.  He was 8 and I don't remember his name,  What I do remember is that we never saw his parents and the kid was always around us.  I guess I am just paranoid, but I like the know where my babies are at all times.
S'more.  mmmmmm.

This boy loves marshmallows!

The next time I go camping I would like a camper with A/C or maybe just a different time of year.  It was nice not wearing make-up for a couple days!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Astros 2015

We had a great season of Little League this year!  Bennett loves baseball, sports, and basically just being on a team.  What an athlete!

This was our last game which decided that we got 2nd place in the league!  We were the youngest team, too!

Group hug with Coach Branch!

Bennett's old team was playing right after his team and they needed another player.  They asked Bennett to play and he was thrilled to join in!

Bennett had his party to celebrate the season at Johnny's Pizza.  Since we were at the ER with Henry, Mom and Amy handled the party with Bennett and SK.  Thanks, Amy and Mom!  Amy sent all these pictures to me!

Getting his trophy.  Amy said the coach called Bennett up and said "last but not least, our best hitter, Bennett!"  That was sweet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Henry's Golf Cart Accident

We had a super scary day the other day.  Bennett had a friend over, SK was asleep in her bed and we went outside to play.  I thought it would be fun to go on a crow hunt using the nerf guns, crow decoys, and golf cart.  We were all so excited to put out the decoys and hunt them (redneck, I know).  Until it went horribly wrong within the first 5 seconds.  Bennett and Sam loaded the crows on the back of the cart and strapped their guns on the cart.  We all loaded up and started moving maybe 1 foot.  I didn't find this out until we got home from the ER, but Henry tried to reach down to get a toy off the power wheel jeep and rolled off the golf cart.  I didn't know until he started screaming.  It was so awful and I could cry just typing this.

Sam said "Aw man, does this mean I have to go home?" ha!

I pick him up and screamed "my baby, my baby, my baby!"  We went inside to call Neil, Dad, Sam's mom, and the pediatrician.  All of these people said they couldn't understand me due to my hysteria! Dad showed up to watch the kids so I could get Henry to the doctor.  About the same time, Sam's mom came and took Bennett and Sam.  Neil got home and we headed to the doctor. The pediatrician's office told us to go to the ER or Urgent Care.  We went to Urgent Care because it was closer.  They looked at Henry and sent us to the ER.  We arrived at the ER with Henry and Sarah Kathryn.  They were both bring so good considering. 

I called Mom and she headed to the ER to pick up SK and to check on us.  She and Amy really saved the day!  Mom got SK and Bennett.  Amy went and picked up the cookie cake we were bringing to the baseball party, got Bennett dressed, and took him to the baseball pizza party AND sent me pictures!  Thanks, Mom and Amy!  What we do without you?

Henry was being so good considering his injuries.  When we were at home I had only seen that his arm was scraped and that he was favoring it.  I thought it was out of socket.  Bennett said "look at his head!"  Didn't see that.  Also, I didn't know he had anything on his back until they showed us at Urgent Care.  I cannot believe I didn't see all this.  The concrete did take off some of Henry's hair. which was unfortunate.  
Waiting for triage and to see the doctor

Cleaning all the injuries was so painful for him.  He was so brave!  Neil wanted me to step out of the room because I couldn't quit crying, but I was NOT leaving my boy.  I didn't let Henry see me, though. 

His head, back, ear, and arm are the most banged up. 
Henry had a CT and full body x-rays and they all came back NORMAL!  Thank you, Lord for placing your protecting hand on my big boy.  I am SOOOOO THANKFUL!  Blood work and urine were prefect, too.

We just took it easy the next day.  He was sad not to go back to FBCS camp, but he needed to rest.

Get Well balloon from Amy
His camp group made him a card.
And my amazing office gave us a Frozen Frog gift card and a massage to me.  The card that everyone signed was sooooooo sweet!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Blueberry Picking 2015

One of my favorite activities to do in the summer with my kids is to go blueberry picking.  We love it every year and look forward to it every summer.  I don't know why it's taken me 5 years to realize that we need to wear boots, but we did this time!  We met Amy who has Keegan and AC, Leigh and the boys, and Lauren, Gus, and Dottie (a friend from Henry's class).  What a fun afternoon of berry picking!

The first time I went I only had Bennett and I didn't realize how easy it was.  This time having 3 kids was harder.  I had 3 last year, but SK didn't have as much of an opinion as she did this year! Whew!  Memories made!

Here are some memories from past years:
Berry Picking: 2014
Berry Picking: 2013
Berry Picking: 2012
Berry Picking: 2011
Berry Picking: 2010

The boys went right out to the field!

This is how Amy feels about hot, sweat, fields, berries, and the whole blueberry picking deal! ha!

Bennett was a pro at the blackberries!

Henry loves to eat all of them.


my favorite.

Henry thought the big boys were so funny! ha. Raspberry fingers.

Sissy was such a peach.  She even got her own popsicle!

She ate the whole thing!

Everyone loved watching the blueberries go down the table.  I loved the A/C!

The porch group photo is always a favorite. 

Me with my sweet babies.  My how these years have flown by.

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