Monday, June 2, 2014

Berry Pickin'

I love our summer tradition of berry pickin'.  It's crazy to see how much we have changed over the 5 years of berry picking...just Bennett, to me pregnant, to 2 boys, and now 3 kids!   I just love that I can look back on my blog at these fun experiences.
Blueberries 2010
Blueberries 2011
Blueberries 2012
Blueberries 2013

This year they added my favorite...raspberries!!!  Yesssss!  We started there and ate every single one we picked.  They were so fresh and delicious.

It was so wet and the boys feet were soaked by the time we made it to the blueberries.  Henry ate EVERY berry he picked.

Sister needed to be in a picture!

Off to the blueberries

And this is where the pictures pics at the blueberries because as I was grabbing some berries and watching the boys I stood in a pile of ants!  I had to kick off my shoe and get them off of me.  Ugh!  We were done after that incident!  We headed to the best part of the trip...the popsicles!
still eating all the berries!

This boy knows the best part!

And this is all we got home with! hahahahaha!!

me and my people...just missing Daddy!


  1. I've been wondering if y'all made it here yet. Loved looking back at our tiny babies picking blueberries. Wish I could have one of those Popsicles right now!

  2. Definitely my favorite summer activity! I'm ready for g to be done with camp so we can go!


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