Friday, October 7, 2016

Grandparent's Day at FEM!

Bennett had a huge showing of support at Grandparent's Day this year. 6 people were there for him!  I was there only because he wanted me to sit near him while he announced the color guard and then I left so the grandparents could have their special time.

Talk about 6 proud people!  There was no one more proud than us!  Bennett's den leader asked him to announce the color guard at Grandparent's Day for the K-2nd grade.  He was nervous and I was shocked when he said yes.  Programs and plays are not his thing at all...he gets embarrassed.  Maybe public speaking is??? 

He did a superb job and was thrilled to have all his loved ones there to support him!

Granddad and Nana came all the way from Ruston to be there!

Pops had fun!

Gammy loved it!

Here's our principal announcing Bennett


Look at all these people!

Bennett made this for Granddad. If you can select 1 grandparent to draw something's always for Granddad!

Nana sent me these classroom visit pics. 


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We love the Red River Revel around here.  It is our city's best festival in my opinion.  You don't go to the revel without seeing at least 50 people you know, eating delicious food, and having fun!

On Monday SK, Henry, and me went to the Revel for lunch after school.  Pops met us and we had a blast.  We ate, listened to music, and walked around and looked at art.  The kid area was closed so we missed out on that.

Gyro for Dad and pizza for Sister

Sister loves her some pizza.

The kids and I went back on Wednesday for the kid area fun and dinner.  Neil met us after work and I was so glad to not be the only parent parenting these monsters at a crowded festival!  We went grocery shopping at the mini Brookshire's, got balloon animals from a clown, make clay fish, dug in the mock dig, ate, and played.  We love the Revel!

She loved the grocery shopping!

Bennett was sort of over the grocery shopping.  I hope this isn't his last year to want to do it!

The boys loved the obstacle course.  Henry dd it about 14 times.  His knees were black from all his push-ups!

They found shark teeth, quartz, and other colorful rocks.  I think those rocks were lost before we got home. :)

We saw John at the Revel!  Bennett wanted a rib basket and Henry and SK wanted pizza again.  Bennett ate all the ribs AND Henry's pizza!

Love this!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pumpkins with Pops

Dad loves to take the kids to pick out pumpkins at Akins every year.  They LOVE it and I love having pretty pumpkins in my yard during fall.  Win-Win!  Thank you, POPS!

Past pumpkin picking:
can't find 2015
It was hard to decide!

How sweet!

Bennett kept wanting the $60 giant pumpkins.  We went with medium sized.  The rule was "if you can't pick it up, we can't get it!"

This little thing is the sweetest, most precious angel.  She is a real pistol too!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bunco Bash

Emily got a team together for the Bunco Bash benefiting the Renzi Arts center.  We had a great time even though we didn't win a thing!  You had to roll buncos (three 6s) and we all got at least 1 bunco! You get the boa if you get a bunco!  I ended up with 3 and went to the roll-off with the others.  Highest roll wins...I rolled a 1!  ha!  I was out so we walked around and watched the finals. The top winner won 2 round trip airfare tickets!

Amy, Jenny, Megan, Michelle, me, and Emily

I did win a 2 night stay with dinner at the Vintage for 2 from the silent auction! sweet!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Take My Picture

My girl LOVES to have her picture taken. It seems I've trained her well! Love her to the moon and back!

She loved when she saw this catalog come out of the mailbox!  She looked at it for about 3 minutes...the longest she's ever spent on something.

Representing the Saints in  hand-me-down from the Bevilles

"Take My Picture" is her favorite line

She didn't request this picture, but I cannot believe they got her to sleep on a nap-mat!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tackle Football

Me No Likey.

I am all about letting my kids try new things and sports and stuff, but tackle football is not my favorite.  Bennett wanted to play so we are doing it, but I think this will be our last year.  Neil said that one of his friends researched football and he couldn't fund one other city that started tackle this young.  Not sure why!  Bennett is concerned about getting hit too hard and that scares me.  He doesn't care about getting dirty and sweaty at all!  

All that to say: we are so proud of our boy!  He is trying and learning new things.  And he gets to play with sweet friends!  

Family love

Henry wanted in on the big boy pic

Bennett and Logan

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pops is 67!

Pops is 67!  Wow!  Almost 70!  Happy birthday, Dad/Pops!

Carolyn had a fabulous meal planned with steaks, au gratin potatoes, salad, and cake for Dad's birthday.  Neil was the grill-master and did a superb job!  Carolyn said that Dad requested a carrot cake, but she thought no one would want vegetable cake so she got chocolate, too.  She's too sweet!  There was also delicious peanut butter pie.  Yum-O!

Everyone helped blow out the candles

Even sister and Bennett

Pops and his 3 favorite little people.

I think Dean is behind Reid's head!  How cute!
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