Sunday, April 9, 2017

SomeBUNNY is 3!

I knew from the moment I was pregnant with SK that this child's 3rd birthday would be an egg hunt.  I knew before I knew she was a girl!  Some say I am crazy...I say I am a planner!

We planned her birthday the week before Easter because Neil, the brothers, and Granddad were going to be out of town on her actual birthday.  We planned her birthday around the church Pig Roast and Egg Hunt!  This girl had a great birthday!

She is such a hostess!  She helped me stuff the eggs and made sure people had fun.  I love it!

It was so much fun decorating and planning out her party details. She loved every bit of it.  The boys never seemed to notice any of the party details, but she noticed everything!

I made the egg garland while getting my hair done one day.  Gotta multitask.

Bunny ears were The Festive Favor.

Mom helped me cut out the fruit into chicks and bunnies

I loved the cake!  And it tasted good, too!

Bunny food

The Face painter was a hit!

So excited!  She still talks about it!


BIG 3 with Nana and Granddad

She got an Easter bunny painted on her face. It looked a little deranged, but she didn't care!

Saints all day, erryday.

Little Batman

She was a tad startled when she looked in the mirror!


Her favorite person arrived!  Daniel!

Rebecca and Daniel asked her to be their flower girl and she said YES!

Yippee!  We are thrilled!

Daddy is such a good sport!

The Harpers are so dang cute!

Me with my most favorite girl!

I think Whittney would love this is!

The grandpas!

proud parents!

Getting ready for the hunt!  We hid over 400 eggs!


Here comes the Bunny! (Daniel)

She was LOVING it!

EC loved the bunny!

Sister loved her some bunny!

She loved her cake!

Family of 5!

Rebecca, Daniel and Beauty Queen

Nana and Granddad with EB

Pops and Carolyn with EB

Gammy and the birthday girl

Bride and Matron of Honor!

SK LOVES Luke.  I mean Loves him.

So many fun, girly presents to open!

Roane and SK 3rd cousins

The boys were so sweet to her.  Henry got his scissors immediately to help with the ribbons.

She was overwhelmed by this Elsa doll from Nana!  hugged it and closed her eyes... you know she liked it!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

BBQ Cook-Off and Bulldog Barn Bash

April is one busy month!  We have multiple things every weekend, birthday, parties, and little trips!  I love all the fun activities!!

This weekend had 2 big things on one day.  Neil, Andre, and Marc did the BBQ cook-off for the 3rd year and came 6th in pork! We were shocked that they didn't win in ribs...shocked!  Neil literally makes better ribs than anyone and they got 16th!  I just can't believe it.  We will take 6th in pork, though!

Andre, Thomas (Andre's dad), Bennett, and Neil

Looking good!

Best ribs ever!

Proud to win a plaque!

all of the kids wanted to ride the mechanical bull

We were lucky enough to get to bring Maddie with us.

SK is the best babysitter! She loves Luke!
Andre came in 3rd in the rib eating contest!

Daddy was so good!

Neil had to stay at the BBQ event so we went to the school Bulldog Barn Bash without him.  We took Gammy which is always fun.  Our fundraiser was so much fun!  It is really something when you can get 500 people to attend a family event on a Saturday afternoon.

The kids had so much fun playing in the dirt, on the toys, and the photo ops!  How fun!

SK and Charlie

Henry and William...hoping they will be Kindergartners together at FEM!

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