Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sassy Sister

Sarah Kathryn is just growing up!  I cannot believe she is almost 2!  She is such a sweet little thing.  She is spunky and full of attitude, too!  Our little beauty queen!!

Erinn gave her this dress when she was born!  It fits now!!  Love!

Maddie and Amelie gave her this Frozen vanity...she loves it.

Always ready to say cheese!  

She loves sweets!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Egg hunt

We had numerous egg hunts this year.  They were all about the same and all lots of fun!  Sarah Kathryn really loved "hunting" for eggs this year!

My girl has gotten so big!

Pops and the angels

"Hi, Bunny!"

Reid, Henry, and SK

Yay!  A family of 5 pic!

She really warmed up to the bunny by the end.  Here she is giving a little hug to EB!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Henry's Easter Celebration

We had so much fun at Henry's Easter party this year!  I got to actually attend the party since I was another mom and me were planning the snack.  I am just not sure why pre-schools don't let parents attend the fun gatherings!??  It is so weird because elementary schools want parents there!

We began the morning with flowering of the cross at Easter chapel.  We did that and then went back to the room to get ready for the Easter hat parade.  They were so cute walking around the sanctuary in their Easter hats.  They even sang a few Easter songs!!  How cute!

Fruit/peep kabobs

We re-used our hat from last year and will use it again next year!

Sweet boy flowering the cross

cool dude

Always ready to go!

April made the adorable cookies!!She is so talented!

This was Henry after the celebration!  It is tough being 4!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bennett's Egg Hunt

Bennett had a field trip to another first graders home for the 1st grade egg hunt.  What fun!  All 4 classes enjoyed relay races, egg hunts, picnics, and the fun bunny running through the forest.  There were probably 50 parents there! What a great morning! Bennett'shunt was supposed to be on Thursday and I was going to have to miss it due to being in charge of Henry's Easter party.  Thankfully the forecast had rain on Thursday and they rescheduled his for Wednesday!  woohoo!  Mom win!!! So glad I get to attend these special events with my biggest boy!

Kade, Bennett, and Julian

Bunny Hop sack race

Miah and Bennett

Bennett and Logan

so proud to be his mom.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Picnic Celebratin'

We FINALLY had Bennett's IEP meeting for gateway today!  We've known he qualified for gifted a couple months, but they just got around to the meeting.  We decided that Bennett got to pick dinner to celebrate.  We are so proud of our boy!  He is just so smart!!  

We thought he would choose Toyko or Strawn's because those are his 2 favorite places.  He chose a picnic at the park.  Works for us!  I packed a picnic and we went and played and ate. What a fun, family afternoon celebrating our Bennett!  Too bad he wouldn't get in any pictures!

This sweet thing is always up for pictures like her mama!

Mom, stop!

I can't even handle these sweets

She loves Neil so much!  And she even calls him Neil.

Bennett really just wanted to throw some passes across the park.  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cub Scout Banquet

Bennett was a tiger cub scout all year and he really enjoyed it.  He made rank and is now a wolf scout!  Go Bennett!

We have a really good troop with lots of involved people.  The banquet happened to be at our church after the egg hunt.  Talk about a busy day!  I hope Bennett sticks with scouts because it is such a great organization.  I'm just not sure he will want to.  I was telling Amy about it because both of her brothers are Eagle scouts.  She said that none of Bobby's friends or girlfriend even knew he was a scout!!!

The guy in the feathered head dress is working on his Eagle scout.

Jeremy was the BEST TIGER leader ever!!

Pig Roast and Eggstravaganza

Neil is the president of the United Methodist Men's group at church.  One of his jobs is to plan the pig roast and extravaganza.  He does a great job at it every year!  This year was no different!!

The flooding in town made it to where we had to reschedule for the next weekend.  It was a great time with a hay ride, fishing, jump houses, pinatas, delicious food, and hundreds of Easter eggs!

The sweetest girl looked adorable in her bonnet. I am loving this bonnet!

Oh I can't get over this!

My big boy loves all things outdoors.  Fishing is his thing.

Look at all these fish, Mom!

Ready to hunt eggs!

Nana and G brought Henry over from Ruston.  Yay!  Nana is next to SK.


Bennett found the golden egg!!!  We received a bowling set and a ring toss set.

Nana and her babies

The Lewis crew

Hay ridin'

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