Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Big Week for Sarah Kathryn

During Sarah Kathryn's annual well check up the doctor commented on how huge her tonsils were.  The next day was her dentist check and he said the same thing.  So, I made an appointment with the ENT who said they needed to come out.  They were infected at the time so I waited to schedule the surgery until he could look at her well tonsils.  They were still giant and he said she probably had sleep apnea and it will become a dental issue.  

He said removing them may help the afternoon fits she throws simply because she hadn't had enough sleep.  We shall see.

It was the second day of school so Amy picked them up for us.  So thankful for good friends!  Neil got to the hospital right after SK went back for surgery.  Pops was there with us, too.
Here she is all snuggled up and ready to go back.
We were excited that Chris was the anesthesiologist and we saw our nurse friend Maggie there too!  It felt good to be in great hands!  Dr. Pou came out about 30 minutes later to let us know how well she did!  He said her adenoids did have yellow gunk all over them so she will most likely get fever.  Her tonsils were huge and took a little extra time for them to come out.  She was a trooper!

We got home and our girl went right to sleep on the couch!

She was up and totally fine and happy about 2 hours later.  She had some special visitors who brought over popsicles, Nana and Granddad sent pink flowers and a balloon, and Catherine even brought over a whole bag of soft foods!  What great friends!

Catherine gave her a coloring book and Jill gave her this balloon.  It takes talent to color while holding a balloon.

Her sweet friend Camilla came over to see her which was so sweet!

Sister even got her teacher letter!  She will be a Jungle Friend this year!  In the same class as Camilla!

We even added a new member to our family!  Meet Doug Heffernan Lewis! (if it's a girl it'll be Carrie Heffernan from our favorite show: King of Queens)

This girl is SO HAPPY to have this OUTSIDE cat.  I want this cat to be outside only.  

We've been living on house arrest so we've found a few ways to keep ourselves occupied.  I paint nails and blog and she gets her nails painted an watches TV!

During the same week, my dad had neck surgery!  This has been a huge week!

This girl and this kitten!  Goodness!

Uncle Mike came in to help Dad recover and SK couldn't even believe it!  She loved seeing him!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Our unBEElievable Missionaries!

I was so honored to be included on a lunch with our Ugandan missionaries!   Two ladies from the church offered to get Chick-fil-a and I offered my house and Kay brought salad and we were set!  I was excited that Neil was able to come home for lunch to be with us.  He had to leave to go back before the group pic.  Tamara and Jeremy told me how much they thought of Neil for leaving work to be with them.  :)

I borrowed bee themed decor from Jennifer and bee theme plates and cups from Catherine to make this luncheon BEEtiful!

The Festive Favors!   It was honey because ya know, bees make honey!

kid table!
So happy I got to be with these people!  Pictured Left to right:
Kay, SK, me, Karis, Samantha, Evan, Jeremy, Sylvia, Tamara, Gloria, and Jean
What a wonderful occasion!!!  I loved it so much!

First Day of School 2018

How do we have a 1st and a 4th grader????  This makes our 5th year at Fairfield and we are still loving it.  We are blessed with a great school and great teachers!

This year I decided to do our back to school breakfast for dinner.  The kids love breakfast for dinner and it's too hectic on the actual first day to have it before school.  New idea and I think it worked. 

 Not pictured: the complete mess the house and kitchen were from the kids having a babysitter for 5 hours while we went to the school parent meetings!:

New watch for B!

Henry wants to be a fireman!

Bennett wants to be a MLB star!

Sister always wants in on the picture action.  She dressed herself and I let her because 1. I didn't want a fight and 2. she was having surgery the next day and I wanted her to be happy

Bennett had just punched Henry so that's why he is crying in his first day pic.  Grrrrrr. 

1st day!

We have to get all of our obligatory pics!

Principal Graham and the boys!  How fun!

Henry and his teacher, Mrs. A.

Bennett and his teachers, Mrs. D. and Mrs. K!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Henry is 7!

How is our Henry already 7?  I can't believe it's been 7 years since this boy entered our lives and made it better!

The table was all ready for his birthday breakfast.  He is our gaming loving kid.

He could literally not think of 1 thing he wanted for his birthday except for Pokemon cards.  He got those and legos from us.

Homemade pancakes and sprinkles were in order for breakfast!

Nana and Granddad came over from Ruston to celebrate with Birthday Lunch.  We met at Fat Calf at Red River Brewing and YUM-o it was delish!  Henry just wanted to play video games so it was a win.

N and G gave Henry a wall climbing remote control car!  So cool!

Lewises, Russell, and Pops came out to celebrate!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Henry's 7th birthday party!

We had a super fun video game truck party for Henry's 7th birthday.  I originally had it booked at my house, but then I realized that I didn't want all those people in my house so I called up Johnny's Pizza and they said we could park the Game Truck there.

Best idea ever!  We ordered pizzas and the kids played.  It was a cinch!
I made this little banner with Henry's name and when Neil cleaned up he tossed it in the trash! I was hoping to re-use it.

Dad found a baker who make the yummiest cookies.  He ordered this cake for Henry's birthday!

The Festive Favors were one by me!  They were gold chocolate coins for all the winners!

Bennett, Henry, and John Hunter

He was loving it!

Uncle Andrew came in to surprise Henry!

Sister got to bring a friend!  She and Camilla re the cutest!

Henry and a couple Mcguire boys

SK loves a big girl!  Amelie is so good with the little ones

It always makes me so happy when Carol comes to be with us.

Yay! Amy, Beau, and Lilah

Henry and his BFF Caden

Since Rebecca was on bed rest, Daniel came over to the party alone.  What  a great uncle!


Katherine looking stylish in her gamer party hat!

I love this picture, but the background is my favorite!

Henry was super surpised by the skateboard that Uncle Andrew gave him!

Pops and Henry

Henry and Peyton (his friend from the pool)

It was a fun crew!

Since Henry couldn't think of one thing he wanted for his birthday I asked him if he would like to collect school supplies for kids who wont have any instead. He said YES!  We loaded up the basket of supplies he collected and took it to Common Ground on the first day of school.  What a blessing!

We loved celebrating our 7 year old boy!  Happy birthday to our Henry!
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