Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy 65th, Dad!

We had a fun-filled, LOUD evening for Dad's 65th.  We went to Roma and it was delish!  They put us in a back room probably because we had 6 adults and 5 kids.  After a little while of us all being there they closed the doors to our room.  SK had a 10 minute scream fest and the boys ran around like hoodlums.  Thankfully, no one could see us. I wish Neil would have been there!!!  Sarah was sweet to hold Sarah Kathryn and Carolyn took the boys to the restroom for me.  It takes a village.  Dwight, my dad's friend, said "whew, I'm not used to all this noise." He left right after he ate.  ha.

The boys shopped for Pops' birthday gifts and he ended up with some good stuff.  Root beer which he loves, a baseball night light, a monkey balloon, a gun/spur set, and a mini fishing pole.  After they gave him the gifts he said "what am I supposed to do with all this?"  It's the thought that counts, Pops.

Dwight was a huge help!  He even cut up Henry's food.

Pops and the 3 beautiful babies!

Carolyn just needed Mary Collins and this picture would be complete

Here's the LOUD crew minus Dwight, who left early.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

While Daddy's Away...

While we are sad and lonely while Daddy is away...we do keep busy.  

Bennett got to enjoy his first flag football practices.  I realized he looks like a little baby out there with all those first graders.  They all wear Under Armour and he wears mini Boden.  He is growing up too fast I tell ya.  He is 1 of 3 kindergartners on the team.  We thought we were playing with our old friends from FB, but the Y put him on his school team.  Neil said this is good because he remembers when his mom signed him up for Cub Scouts with a friend he didn't attend school with.  He said he would wear his uniform to school the day before his school friends did.  He would sit alone as all his friends got picked up for Cub Scouts! haha!  Poor kid.  We are sticking with the school team.

He LOVES his mouth piece.  He has also changed his favorite color to orange,
Henry got to spend the weekend with Nana and Granddad.  He had so much fun playing in a box, doing puzzles, eating at Sundown, and getting plenty of attention.  It did make me happy when he said he was ready to come home to see Mommy! :)  Thanks, Nana and Granddad for taking care of our sweet boy.
Nana said he did the whole puzzle by himself!
I got away for a fun girls night while all of our husbands were at College Football Island.
Leigh was supporting her brewery!

Lindsay, Sarah, me, Nikki, and Leigh

Bennett was excited to go to Bass Pro

Sister looking beautiful after church

Henry playing in his box

Thanks, Eddie for donating this box to him!
Daddy is home and I finally got a good night of sleep.  This mama is EXHAUSTED!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Gloria Goes to School (Again!)

Gloria got all gussied up with a new bow, red and blue toe nails, and a sweet star "tattoo" to visit Henry's school.  He was so proud that he got to walk her in on the leash.  She stayed at school for a total of 3 minutes and all the kids loved her!  Henry didn't want to tell anything about her.  He really just wanted me to stay at school with him.  Sweet boy!

Here she is with Bennett at school.

He got to talk about Gloria before and he didn't say anything.

someone just licked Henry!! :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

With my new work schedule, I am able to go and be with the kids at lunch, take and pick them up from school. I love it.

We started the weekend with me going to lunch at Bennett's school.. I brought Sonic for us. If you bring a fast food lunch you have to bring it in a nondescript bag.  I smuggled everything in a large grocery paper sack.

I picked up both boys and both boys had gotten to go to the treasure chest at their schools.  Both boys came home with plastic snakes!!

Sister got to try on her new cheerleader outfit to support Tech's first game!

Daddy and Sarah Kathryn

Sam went with us to the pool...they needed an ice cream break.  Sam is so funny!  SK was screaming in the car and Sam said "When can we get out of this car she is giving me a headache!" haha!  My thoughts exactly, Sam.

Me and the sweetest baby girl

Oh, this bathing suit!  Thanks, Beville's!

Henry cruising down the slide.  This was take right before he pooped all over the pool sidewalk.

Happy Labor Day, your elbow is out AGAIN,
Thankfully, a lady heard him screaming and asked what was going on.  We told her and she called her friend who is an ER doctor and he came up to the pool and popped it back in for us!  Thanks, Dr. Davis!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Fun

Lunch with old FBCS friends.   One day we were picking up Henry and Bennett saw all his friends running out of the school and he said "Wait, all my friends still go here!?"  Poor baby.

This sweet girl in the bumbo!??  What?? Already?

Both boys had back to school dentist appoinments

We went to "Johnny Pizzas" after...they were playing with no quarters.

Bennett likes to say "Nice to meet you, Sister!"  He was explaining this joke to someone the other say and he said "It's so funny because I say 'nice to meet you' but we already know each other because she is my sister!"  ha!

We got mouthwash from the dentist and Bennett used the whole bottle in one day.  He would "prepare" the cap with mouth wash for Gammy, too.

Some sweet friends gave us this cuddly blanket as a house warming and the boys are loving it.

Thanks to Leslie for the fun play-doh set!!

My first day of work! I love a head set!

Blue day at Henry's school

Our sweet boy on "happy juice" before his MRI.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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