Friday, June 30, 2017

Girly Week

Sarah Kathryn and I had the most fun and girly time while the boys were in Ruston for Lego camp.  It's hard not being together with our crew, but sometimes it's nice.  We love that the boys can go stay with Nana and Granddad for a week!

Sarah Kathryn and I enjoyed dinner dates with Daddy, princess meeting, lunch dates, Festive Favor delivering, and rent house updating!  I loved our time so much!

SK and Cinderella!  She kept asking her "where's your castle? Where's your dad?"

We bought some glitter lip gloss and she used the ENTIRE tube on her ENTIRE face.  Still finding glitter in the dryer.

She helped deliver to Barksdale Air force base!

We went to look at a rental that Freedom Quest Investments just picked up.  

We went to our new place, Chicken Salad Chick, 3 times that week!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Crawfish (Henry's T-ball Team)

Henry looks so darn cute in his little t-ball uniform! He was THRILLED about t-ball this year and couldn't wait to get on his uniform and head to his games and then...he wouldn't play!  He says he wants to play, but that he only likes to bat.  We aren't sure if we should still sign him up!  We shall see!


Jake and Henry

This team has some cute boys and the cutest girl on it!

Run, Henry!

This sweet girl had to spend 3-4 nights a week at the ballpark for 2 months!  Such a trooper!

We had a treat when Matthew and Neil B. stopped by Henry's game one week!

Getting ready to run!

He loves to bat!

Having a little chat with the opposing team.

I was thankful that Roderick, Miles' dad took all these great photos!

Look at my boy!  And that is Coach Cox next to him!


Baseball bros

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sarah Kathryn and her big girl bed!

Sarah Kathryn is such a big girl!  We moved her to her big girl bed the week after she turned 3.  She wasn't climbing out of her crib or anything, we just thought it was time since she is potty trained and had no way to get to the bathroom.  The furniture she got was the girls room furniture from Neil's grandmother's house.  Neil's aunts used to sleep on this furniture when they were growing up!  I love it!

Richard drove over to help take down the crib and set-up the new furniture.

We moved everything around about 6 times until we got it just right.

It's a little cramped, but we for sure wanted both beds in there.

After we got it all set-up she climbed up in her bed and fell asleep!  In the middle of the day!  Wow!

Sweet baby girl!

I love how it turned out!
Trying out Sister's Bed!

We had a baby doll blanket made out of scraps from her quilt.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dine in the Pines and Tech Baseball

When Rebecca told me she was planning Dine in the Pines, I knew we had to be there.  We were going to be able to dine in the middle of Park Ave, but rain made us take the party to the Argent pavilion at Tech.  It was a great event! They had tables all set-up with flowers that were arranged by the local garden society.  The whole event benefited Piney Hills Advocacy Center.  I was so proud of Rebecca and her efforts!  She did a great job!

One our way to the event, we stopped by the Sigma Kappa lodge so I could see my brick on the new walkway!

Rebecca was responsible for getting lots of the sponsors including Smart Plumbing!

Also, Richard and Janine Lewis. We used their tickets while they kept the kids.

Here's the program! YAY Boodle!

She even serves desserts!

Photo booth!
 We got home and found out that Tech's baseball game was still playing so we all loaded up and went to the game at 9pm!  Such a great idea!
They love concessions!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gateway Field Trip

We had a great morning at Gators and Friends for the gateway field trip!  I am so glad I got to attend and be with my biggest boy!

Brayden and Bennett

Pearce and Bennett

How cute!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Annual Father/Son Canoe Trip

The boys went on their 3rd father/son canoe trip with about 25 people from Shreveport and Denver and about 250 other people from Ruston.  This was Henry's first year to go and he was THRILLED!  They had a so much fun even though they couldn't canoe.  The weather was too bad and it rained so much that they closed the river.  I am so glad they didn't canoe...a man who didn't heed the warnings ended losing his life on the river.

They ended up having a blast with hikes, nerf gun wars, wiffle ball games, and general mischief!  Sounds like it was nothing but a boy-filled weekend!  

When the dates came out Neil was originally going to not go because it was on Sarah Kathryn's actual birthday.  I said he had to go and that we would make sure she felt SK felt extra special.

Neil works so hard for this trip.  He works with "The Founder," the founder of this 20 year old trip, schedules the cabin, and organizes all the meals. He is one go-getter!  Janine shops for all the food to get everyone all ready!

I have to rely on Neil for pictures so here's what you get!

Sweet things!

The Motley crew! Henry and Granddad stayed back at the warm cabin during this hike.

The Lewis fellas!

Pops gave them watch $20 to buy something while on the trip and they chose sling shots and raccoon hats.

Mason (our friend we met at Gymboree as infants), Cox, William, Neil, Henry, Richard, and Bennett

These cuties!  All born in 2011.  Henry, William, and Jake

How cute!

They shots guns off the porch!

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