Thursday, December 18, 2014

Star Student-Bennett

During your birthday week you are the star student in Bennett's class.  You get to bring Paws, the class mascot, home and take pictures with him all week for a journal page.  You get to bring up to 50 items in an estimation jar, 21 items for the surprise sack, have your parents eat lunch with you, and you get a gift from the class. Whew, I am tired from just typing that!  Like my friend at work said "so, it;s just a bunch of extra work for the mom?"  ha!  It was fun, but I am glad it's over!

To start off the week, we made a sheet telling all about Bennett with pictures of our family and a couple things he drew.  What do you like to do? "play football."  He is really to the point! 

Paw came home and we made sure to take him most places with us during the week.  Henry was pretty jealous that Bennett had Paws.  They aren't huge stuffed animal fans so it must have just been the newness. 

Aunt Becky and Daniel took them to Air U for Bennett's birthday

Our Journal Page in the Paws book.  I'm not going to was the best one.  It's front and back.

On Tuesday we sent the estimation bag of 36 ring pops.  Everything was supposed to be theme related or something the kids loves and the theme was gingerbread men.  Bennett didn't want to take gingerbread men.  He loves candy so we took that.

Wednesday he wanted to bring gummy bears in the suprise sack.  I went to 5 different stores looking for individual packages of gummy bears and couldn't find them.  I said "what about 21 sets of reindeer antlers!??" He loved that.  Dollar Tree to the rescue.  He came up with 3 clues to get the class to guess...

They are on a reindeer.
They are on a reindeer's head.
They start with the letter "a."

He said only 1 kid got it right!

Thursday, his actual birthday, we got to do snack and take lunch to school.  I love how special his teacher made his birthday week.

On Friday, the class sent  home a sweet book.  Each kid in the class made a picture for Bennett.  I am guessing Bennett told them he liked volcanos becasue almost everyone drew a volcano.  Some pages said "I love you" or "You and I are friends."  Precious!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bennett's 6th Birthday at School

I was able to adjust my schedule this week to not work on Bennett's birthday.  yessssss!  I love my new schedule.  Bennett picked out a fancy cupcake pull-apart from Target complete with a hunter aiming at a deer over a stream.  Loved it.  Neil and I arrived and got everything set up for snack.
Mrs. F let Bennett choose 6 kids to stand in the middle of the circle with him and act as candles for his birthday song.  He chose Owen, Isaiah, Easton, Jack, Jac, and Sahil.  The birthday song they sang was my family birthday song!!  I couldn't believe it.  They had a few different words, but it was still cool to hear it to music instead of the lovely acapella version we sing.
At the end of the song Benentt got to tap on each candle and yell 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6!   I am guessing because he is 6!

The class with me, Neil, Mrs. F, and Pops

And look who came down on her break to see the birthday boy!! Amy!!  The other Kindergarten teachers were making fun of us for having so many people.

Paws (the class mascot) joined him for his cupcake.
Happy Birthday, to our fabulous, outdoor loving, sweet eating 6 year old!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bennett's Deer Hunting Birthday Party

It is so fun that Bennett comes up with his own party theme every year...well for 4, 5, and 6.  He decides and I execute.  This year he chose a deer hunting birthday party.  I didn't even know what we would do for it.  I got on trusty old Pinterest and made it happen!  Who knew there were several different blow up animals on Amazon just for pretend shooting??  And they were reasonable!  It was a great birthday for our 6 year old.
Since we have a bigger yard now, our back yard was going to be the perfect place for it until a monsoon came in pouring rain for 3 days before the party.  We had to have a last minute change of location at 3:30 the day before.  We moved it to ST and it was just perfect!
Neil and I were able to take Henry to Trace Kids on Friday night so we could set everything up.  Sis stayed with us and Bennett was at Sam's house.  This isn't really what we envisioned for an outdoor hunting party, but it was perfect.  The boys played and were contained.  And no one got muddy!
The arsenal.  Everyone got a gun for their party favor.  I was so proud of the deal I got on these on

deef jerky (slim jim) and shot gun shells (hot tamales)

Deer poop (chocolate covered raisins), camo mix,  gun powder (pixie sticks) and deer corn (corn nuts)

Totally awesome Neil made this totally awesome cupcake stand....he is too good!

My cute little hunter.

Rebecca did camo makeup for everyone

Henry and Andrew

Sweet 6 year old.


Henry and Jake took the bear down.

This is typical...

Pinata with more darts, trail mix, and the coveted COMPASS!!!

Lewis girls

No camo for my girl.

I'd be mad, too!!  Thanks to Daddy for the face paint.

The table turned out so cute.

He did a proper shoot the gun while blowing out the candle move.

Bennett, Jack, and Paws

Pops loved his personalized gun

Nana and her boys

Sam and Bennett

John and Bennett

Lewis Crew

Lewis Party of 5

Us with Mom

Thank you for coming, Carol!

Happy Birthday to the most handsome 6 year old I know!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bennett's Birthday dinner

I purchased a Pie Works kid's pizza party at the FBCS auction back in March.  I was so glad we were able to use it for Bennett's birthday dinner.  We had family and a couple friends join us for this celebration.  My boy felt so special.

Carolyn gave him these sweet new hunting boots.


Gammy's gifts had candy on them.

John surprised Bennett by attending!

Amy and the boys with Paws


The whole know I love a group photo.

We saw Cy there and invited him to join us!
Happy Birthday to our football playin', sweet brother, and tender-hearted 6 year old!!!!
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