Sunday, October 1, 2017

Rebecca's Bridal Shower

Becky's shower was SO NICE!  Boodle looked so glam in her pretty dress!  She had a great turn-out and received so many wonderful gifts.

Look at the cute glass with a sprinkled rim.

The Bride and the MOB

So pretty and delish!

The hostesses with Rebecca and SK.  Anytime Rebecca would take a picture with someone SK would run over and say "wait!"


Lewis Ladies!  We should have gotten Laura Lewis and Missy Lewis in!

SK, Rebecca, Casey (Daniel's sis) and Anita (MOG)

SK wanted to help a little too much.

Love the white pattern!

Jhola gave her a tool kit!  Love it!

Rebecca and Missy

Margaret, Roane, Rebecca, and BQ

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rebecca and Daniel's Fiesta Forever

We hosted a fabulous couples shower for Rebecca and Daniel at Virginia and Robbie's awesome new home.  We had a bunch of hostesses and a great turn-out.  We had it catered by Log Cabin, borrowed fiesta decorations from Minden, and had the cutest fiesta cookies ever. Great party for special people!

Virgina had everything decorated so cute!

Mary Eleanor, Janine, and Rebecca

Dessert table

We brought the cookies over from Shreveport.  So cute!

Sooooo all of this cuteness was out on the tables and it started to POUR!  Virginia put everything in the dryer and we reassembled the party about 15 minutes after it started. It was a blessing because it cooled it down a bit!

How cute is the happy couple?


Family pic for the calendar!

Guests of Honor with the hosts and hostesses

Friday, September 22, 2017

Henry's Grandparents' Day

Henry was thrilled to invite all 4 of his grandparents to school!  He was proud to show off his art work and his classroom.  I think Gammy, Granddad, Nana, and Pops were all proud, too!

They began the morning in an assembly in the auditorium with a speech from me :), cheerleader performance, and door prizes.  I was NERVOUS for my speech for some reason.  We started a new club called the Fairfield Grands for grandparents.  Woohoo!

All of the grandparents went to the classrooms and Henry was SO EXCITED to see everyone!  They had a little program in the classroom, went to the book fair, and then went to the cafeteria for pictures and refreshments.  What a great morning!

I snapped this one before I left to man my booth.

Mrs. F sent me this one!

Sweet Jacobe's grandmother was at her other grandchild's classroom so Gammy was his stand-in!  Jacobe was so happy he kissed and hugged Mom!

School Stuff

We had a big "spirit night" at Red River Brewing for a parent meet and greet.  GREAT IDEA!

DADS Club recess was a success.  I love this one that Henry's teacher took!

All my babies lounging after school

Running club
Looks like someone got my phone!!!

On her way to school in a new fall dress.  

Grandparents day!  I LOVE THIS!

Mom had to be Jacobe's grandmother for a little while until his grandmother could arrive.  He was so excited to show her all of his work!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tech vs. Miss State

We went over for the Tech vs. Mississippi State game.  What a fun time we had until Tech made a play to make them at 3rd and 93.  Something that made the entire stadium erupt in laughter!  Apparently that is not good.

We didn't take Sarah Kathryn out to the game with us.  She got to stay with Nana which was just fine for her.  It didn't stop her from wearing her cheerleader outfit!

Cheerleader moves

"tictleing" Granddad

Player hi-5s

We ran into some folks we knew!

This is so much fun!  Some older TKEs put these letters up so of course we had to get a picture!
Henry and G

Ultimate fan!  Tech hat, socks, shorts, and shirt.  Only missing his foam finger!

When a ref makes a call Bennett doesn't like he is up in arms!

The band!!!!!  They spelled out TECH.  Best part.

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