Saturday, April 8, 2017

BBQ Cook-Off and Bulldog Barn Bash

April is one busy month!  We have multiple things every weekend, birthday, parties, and little trips!  I love all the fun activities!!

This weekend had 2 big things on one day.  Neil, Andre, and Marc did the BBQ cook-off for the 3rd year and came 6th in pork! We were shocked that they didn't win in ribs...shocked!  Neil literally makes better ribs than anyone and they got 16th!  I just can't believe it.  We will take 6th in pork, though!

Andre, Thomas (Andre's dad), Bennett, and Neil

Looking good!

Best ribs ever!

Proud to win a plaque!

all of the kids wanted to ride the mechanical bull

We were lucky enough to get to bring Maddie with us.

SK is the best babysitter! She loves Luke!
Andre came in 3rd in the rib eating contest!

Daddy was so good!

Neil had to stay at the BBQ event so we went to the school Bulldog Barn Bash without him.  We took Gammy which is always fun.  Our fundraiser was so much fun!  It is really something when you can get 500 people to attend a family event on a Saturday afternoon.

The kids had so much fun playing in the dirt, on the toys, and the photo ops!  How fun!

SK and Charlie

Henry and William...hoping they will be Kindergartners together at FEM!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Henry and Kindergarten!

We were thrilled to learn that Henry got into Bennett's school.  Henry has been asking for months when he is getting to go to Bennett's school. We just never knew how to answer since we hadn't gotten his test results back.  We finally got them over Spring Break!  We are super impressed with our smart boy!

I wanted to take him to his new school and we did it as it was open after Spring Break!  He was so excited!

What a big boy!

Bennett happened to be outside for recess so he came and got in!  Bulldog Brothers!

The 3!

We took pics by all the photo ops.

Here's his letter from the principal, coordinator, counselor, and all the Kindergarten teachers.

Contract signing!  We are thrilled!
 We've been working on our PTA slate for a couple months and I agreed to be PTA president for 2017-2018 only if Henry got it.  So, I guess you can call me Madame Pres.  I am a little nervous about these big shoes to fill!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Shreveport Captains are back!

Bennett's first baseball game of the season was a good one!  We've been practicing since December, so we were ready for the games to start!  He was a little worried about playing against his school friends, but it turned out fine.  

I said "What happens if you can get you friend out?"  

He said "then I get him out, no mercy!"  

Alrighty then.

So, Bennett has friends from school on every other team in the league except for his.  After the All-stars mishap last summer, we decided to go ahead play with our all-stars buddies since we played with them all summer.  We have 4 really great coaches who love the kids and really invest their time into the boys.  It is a great group!

The cute cheering section.  Thank God for Gammy!

Andrew, Jude, Graham, Bennett, Dominic, Wesley, and Skyler

Saturday, April 1, 2017

BLOOM Festival

Mom and I took Sarah Kathryn to the Bloom Festival at Norton Art Gallery while the boys went to the camp.  It was such a pretty morning at the gardens of Norton!  I got SK all dressed up for the event!

How is she so big?

So fun!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Potty Training for the last time! :)

I decided to potty train Sarah Kathryn over Spring Break using the 3 day method I used for the boys.  I know it's not going to be a total non-accident ever type thing, but it is a great jump start. I am super impressed with my girl!  She had several accidents the first day all over the place.   Richard and Janine picked up the boys half way through the 1st day and it got so much easier once they went to Ruston. 

We stayed home for 3 solid days and it almost killed me.  It is so hard for me to stay home.  It was really nice because you really notice all the things that need to be done, painted, cleaned, fixed, etc.  I made a long list of honey-dos for Neil that he loved. :)

By the third day, Sarah Kathryn was having no #1 accidents.  Talk about impressive!  Go girl!  I gave her a M&M each time she went to the potty.  She calls them "potty treats."

So proud of her big girl panties!

Facetiming Nana!

I walked in the playroom and she had the table set up for her dolls!

Here she is filling up the tea pot in the kitchen.  I love her imagination!

Trying out my makeup
 We've had lots of #2 accidents out in public.  It is a harder concept I guess.  After 3 weeks, she finally went on the potty!  We are hoping that it sticks.

 In 3 weeks, she has only had 2 accidents in her bed at pull-ups!!!
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