Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's TheDay

We got to spend Father's Day weekend at Aunt Catherine's house.  She is in Ireland for 2 weeks so we had the privilege of using her fabulous pool, house, and lake.  It was so nice to have veg out weekend.
We arrived on Friday evening.  Nana and Granddad had already gone to the grocery and had lots of meals planned.  Win!

I know 3 little kids who LOVE their daddy.
Too much!

Beau and the boys came out to the lake on Saturday to swim and tube.  I was the designated person to tube with all the kids.  FUN!  I am not really that fun though.  I am nervous the whole time that we are going to bump heads, bite our tongues, or fly off.  I am a basket case,
The boys sang "We will rock you" like champs. So serious and so cute!
Nana and SK and B

I made the fabulous dessert for our Father's Day meal.  Grilled peaches with cinnamon/sugar butter melted on it.  Served over vanilla bean ice cream.

The Festive Favor does it again!  My dad's Father's Day gift.  He said "I don't eat Pop Tarts."  #itsthethoughtthatcounts

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bunkie Corn Fest

We had a wonderful time in Bunkie, LA for the Corn Festival.  Andre is from there and invited us to stay at his parent's house for the weekend.  What a great idea! Thanks, Dicharrys! We arrived in Bunkie on Friday and did some porch sitting, dinner eating, kid bathing, and put them down with a movie.  We went to the town square for the big band: Chee Wheez!  ha!  It was fun!

They were giving these fans out for FREE!

We LOVE Bunkie!

Saturday: The kids were up bright and early to begin the day!  We started off at Andre's uncle's funeral home for the parade.  What fun and what a HOT morning!

Twins in our custom made corn tanks! We were def best dressed,

Here's the corn crew!

I love these people.  Great idea by us: we left SK with Neil's parents.  

All the girls!

One of the throws...

This is what was inside.  Not sure.

Maddie in the corn shucking competition

Neil won 1st place in the corn shucking contest!  He won a GOLD medal and $20!

Neil, Andre, Marc, and Erin entered the 4 man team shucking race to attempt to break the Guinness book of world records.  The # to beat was 31.  They got 22.  Another team actually did beat the record with 35 ears!

The team with the corn kids!
The tired, hot, corn fest group!

Some really cute kids with their winnings!  All that blow up stuff only cost $100 in games!

We were exhausted and HOT so we went back to Andre's parent's house and his dad sent us to the hardware store for a tarp.  Their neighbor has a pool so all 15 of us went over to swim.  We came home and Andre's dad set up this slip n slide for the kids!  How sweet!  He even cooked for us!

We had a great time on our summer vacation! Yes, our vacay was to Bunkie.  Henry told me later "Mom, I love Bunkie."  I'd say it was a WIN!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Henry's swim lessons Round 1

We finally were able to get Henry in some swim lessons.  I could not figure out how to do lessons last year due to my work schedule.  This year...we are doing 2 weeks!  He is already doing so well!  He was NOT thrilled about doing lessons.

Day 1=not happy

I had to leave the pool area so he would get in.

I watched him on the tv and then sneaked back in for this picture!

Growing his confidence!

By day 2 he was kicking up a storm!

Way to go, Henry!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gammy is 60!

We surprised Mom with a family-filled weekend for her 60th birthday!  We've been arranging everything for a couple months and it finally all came together  A couple people did try to ruin the surprise, but that's worked out!  

The first surprise in our wave of surprises was getting my brother to come in from NYC.  I tried and tried to get mom to meet me for lunch or to get a pedicure.  She said she didn't feel like it!  So, I picked him up and we just went to her!  She opened the door and screamed "WHAT!!!???"  She started crying and we knew she was surprised!

My aunt and cousins came over to my house for our next surprise.  We all met up at Grub for dinner and then they all walked in.  YAY!  At the end of the meal Uncle Mike, Baehr, and Donnie all walked in for the final surprise of the day.  We were almost surprised out!

So exciting!

On her actual birthday, May 29th...we celebrated with a "Lauri's favorite things" party.  I did all of her favorites like: Scrabble, the color green, Nancy Grace, theVoice, Almond Joy, Twizzlers, raisinets, sweet-tarts and so on. 

Nancy Grace says Happy 60th!

This cake was awesome!

So glad my brother, Rebecca, and Daniel helped decorate!

My Aunt found the link to the free printable scrabble banner.

Even Mrs. Sarah came!

Our family with the O'Bannon's

Love me some Uncle Mike

Michael's friend Aubrey came by!

Sweet friends: Frances White and Chris Griffin


Nana and her favorites!

The fabulous Williamses

Gammy and her babies

This was supposed to be a pic of mom with her kids and grandkids...

Yay for the Echols/Garbutts! more surprises!  We went to my aunt's hotel and the kids got to swim.  What a fun weekend!

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