Friday, October 18, 2019

Run 4 FUNds

Our only year to have all 3 kids at one school!  I love that they are all together and I can be at their events.  Run 4 Funds this year was fun to see each of them run around the track.

Henry was up first!  

Henry and Shante

Henry doesn't care!

Henry loves Office Hancock

Bennett's turn next!

Bennett loves running!

He is so dedicated!

Sarah Kathryn had so much fun!

Sweet girl!


Friday, October 11, 2019

Random Fall Fun

We had lots of fun and spent some good times together!

Henry had a project to disguise a turkey.  He wanted to make him into a scientist and I think we he did a great job!  We were able to do this during the day during school and in pjs because Henry was suspended for 3 days.  He brought his Swiss Army knife to school and showed it to friends on the playground.  My sweet little knife enthusiast.  I guess I never knew I needed to tell my children not to bring a knife to school.  So here's my PSA: tell your children point blank-DO NOT BRING WEAPONS to school.

My small group from our women's retreat got together for dinner.  I love these ladies!

Not sure how this happened, but we had to go tour middle school for Bennett!  Like what? How is my baby old enough for middle school?

For some reason he didn't want to take this picture

Neil and Sarah Kathryn had a fun daddy/daughter bowling night!

Her light up Halloween box!  YES!

Jenn's sister and BFF came to town so we had to have a ladies night at Rockin' Rodeo!  I love ladies nights!

Mama night!

Bennett has been loving his "Step-Up" ministry at church!  It is a special group for 5th and 6th graders only.

We had favorite book character day at school to celebrate our librarian's retirement.  We love a dress up day!
Harry Potter, Elsa, and a baseball player

SK and Davis!


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Revel 2019

 The best local festival!  The Revel! 

We dug, shopped, ate, and played.  It's the best every year!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Magical Unicorns T-ball

Sister said she really wanted to play t-ball!  We have several little sisters all around the same age who have been going out to Little League for years to watch their brothers and now it was their turn!  

Whew!  The Magical Unicorns were tough!  They were fierce!  And they won every game!  I think it'll be our last year to play as SK didn't really feel like it was her thing.  

As always, we were the best dressed team.  Pink jerseys, unicorn socks, and awesome custom unicorn hats.  First step: look good.

Here's our girl up to bat!

SK and Adley Kate

Look at that swing!

So cute!

Unicorn themed snacks for after the game: yes, please!

Lucy and SK

The hottest coach around: Neil!  He owned it!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Henry and year round swim

Henry "decided" to do year round swim.  By decided, I mean he hates swim the least and he needs exercise.  Henry would be content to play video games all day, but his whole demeanor changes once he finishes!  

This is his first meet with his Christus crew! 

Hudson and Henry

We love cheering you on, Henry!

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