Sunday, July 29, 2018

Museum of Natural History

We arrived at the Museum of Natural History about 30 minutes before it opened and grabbed breakfast off a street vendor!  Bennett loves it.  It's right across from Central Park so he loved that, too!

A friend told me a great tip for this museum!  She said to by tickets online and get there when the doors open and go right to the 4th floor to have the place to ourselves.  We did this and WOW!  I have no random people in the background of Bennett with the dinosaurs!


Here we are in the Dinosaur theater waiting on my brother!  Dad watched this video over and over while we walked around because he was in so much pain in his neck and back.

We went in the planetarium for the short 2 minute video. It was so cool, but I get so motion sick that I had to close my eyes for most of it!

Bennett LOVED calling cabs!  Like LOVED it.  He was a pro!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Charleston to Manhattan

We had a wonderful time in Charleston, but it was time to say good bye and board our flight for NYC baby!  We put on our baseball/Yankees attire for the Yankees games we were going to right after we arrived.   MY awesome friend, Jenn scored us the tickets!  Her dad's company has season tickets and he gave them to us.  So nice!!!!

He loves flying! 

Can't even believe he is walking through Times Square

We met my brother in the Subway and Bennett saw a rat down there!  Look, a rat!

Ready for the Yankees game! Bennett has his glove ready to go!

Can't wait!

 This kid sitting on our row right next to us made a fun Aaron Judge sign.  The game hadn't even started and so he was holding up his poster!  No one thought much of it except for one guy behind us who basically cussed the kid out for holding it up!  "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU F@%&ing sign the whole game!"  Whoa.  He went on and on and on and we the parents of section 110 had to be like "DUDE, STOP! There are kids here!"
Someone called security and the guy was escorted out!  He didn't even get to watch the game.  Boom.  Everyone in the section started clapping!

This picture is from my camera..not my phone.  For that one person that critiques my picture ya go!

Bennett got a Yankees hat and Judge jersey right when we got there

Uncle Frank got a hat, too!

I borrowed my shirt from my friend who is a big time Yankees fan!

After the game we tried to go to Monument Park, but nope.  It was closed.

On our way back to the hotel to change for dinner we stopped in the middle of the street for a sweet Time Square pic

Dinner at Tavern on the Green did not disappoint!

The crabmeat appetizer was pretty much the best thing I have ever had. Jumbo lump crabmeat in a bowl=oh yes

We had the special tomahawk steak

The lights and glass walled room were just magical.  Had me missing my hubby. :(

The bubble garden was so cute!  It was filled with bubbles and champagne!

Bennett just liked popping the bubbles!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Fort Sumter National Monument

I got up really early and headed to Dry Bar to get my hair done because I sure love a blow out.  Sadly, it was misting and humid so my hair was a hot mess before I got back to the hotel.

We booked our boat ride to Fort Sumter for the first tour because if you are on the first tour of the day you get to help with the flag raising ceremony.  YESSSSS!  We got out there and there was no flag ceremony due to lightning.  They have to wait 30 minutes after each strike.  It was a little scary being out on a full metal filled island with lightning all around.  One of the park rangers told us that a park ranger holds the record for being struck the most time by lightning-7 times!

Boarding the boat!
Here's Bennett doing the Junior Ranger program.  Man, I wish he actually liked it. He didn't complete it.  The family behind us had taken their family to 49/50 states and they had completed Junior Ranger in 75 locations!

Here they are waiting for the park ranger to tell us about the fort

We had no idea that Fort Sumter was where the first shots were fired in 1861 to start the American Civil war.

Bennett with the battery in the background

This projectile has been stuck in the wall since 1861.

Here's the flagless flag pole because of the non-ceremony

2 national parks and 1 national monument all in one summer!

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