Monday, November 24, 2014

November Phone Dump

I can't believe I haven't posted in November yet!  Life is super busy around here.  With Neil being gone Monday-Friday it didn't leave much time for blogging.  Now that we got the GREAT news that he will not be going to Tulsa every week...I hope to back around these parts more.  Having Neil gone was really starting to take its toll on me.  So glad we don't have to do that anymore...a year is enough!

The sweetest girl got croup and her first and hopefully last ear infection.

Bennett's Christmas list

My adorable little snow bunny

I painted all 21 Indian names on shirts for Bennett's class.

I got to help out with Patio Play at Henry's school.  It was so much fun and I love being able to help.

Here's Henry at PE.

We took our annual Santa pictures and they are sooooo cute!  

I got to enjoy a MOPS mom night out.  Our mentor mom is fabulous!  She had all the stuff for us to make a craft.  We shoved Christmas lights in a bottle and Volia...a lit up wine bottle.  She even made soup for us!

We got a fence and a gate! yay for safety!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to 61!

We were so excited that Granddad finally got home from his 3 week sailing adventure and that he got home on his 61st birthday!  We all had brunch at ABE and enjoyed the company of family for only 2 hours of brunch.  Bennett kept singing "Happy Birthday to 61" so I thought the title of this post was fitting.

He loves the sweater we gave him.

Granddad loves to be in"VEST"ed.

The sweetest love took a little rest during the brunch.  

I love a group photo.

Happy 61st birthday, Richard!  Here's to 61 more!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

7 month old Beauty

Our beautiful girl is already 7 months old!  How in the world did this happen?  I can't believe I already need to start planning your birthday party!

Doctor appointment: none this month

Clothes: You wear size 3 diapers.  You are wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes and some 6 month things fit.  You are loving being in your dresses, bubbles, and basically anything.  I think you need to wear more comfy stuff, but I love having you all dressed up.

Eating: You eat a 6 ounce bottle every three hours during the day.  You are doing well on your new formula. You currently eat a whole bowl of food mid-morning and evenings.  It is amazing how quickly you can take down a bowl of food.  You've only been practicing for a month.

Sleeping:  You sleep OK with a few wake-ups at night.  Most of the time we turn off the monitor because you do wake up for a second or 2 just to scream and then go back to sleep.  You don't have a napping schedule and you need one. It's hard to do with my work schedule.  And school lets you sleep on demand. You also like to sleep on your stomach. If you are asleep and there is a noise you automatically wake up to see what you are missing.  You love to be aware of everything.

Likes: being held while standing up...this is a sure fire way to get you to stop crying...we just stand up, car seat, riding in the car, riding in the stroller, eating, the paci, baths, your brothers, watching people, smiling, knowing what is going on at all times, smiling, and laughing

Dislikes: having something go over your head (clothes), being alone, being put in your bed

News this month: You are trying very hard to sit on your own.  You are still pretty wobbly.  You had your first (and hopefully last) ear infection and croup.  It was just awful seeing you so sick.  You are saying ba ba ba ba and blowing raspberries which is just adorable!

Sweet little girl with croup. :(

Photos were taken on Nov. 23.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bennett's Indian Holiday and Feast

At Bennett's new school, the parties are about 2 hours long.  I love how they want to make sure every parent/grandparent is invited.  It makes it so special for the kids to have their loved one there and the parents get to see their babies enjoying themselves at school.  It really is a great thing.  Henry's school always says "you don't need to come, we will take lots of pictures."  I realize that on these special days it's a lot to get the kids reined back in, but come on...they are only little once!  They aren't going to want us at these things when they are 15!  I am savoring it now!

For Indian Holiday, each child received a ticket with 6 different stations they had to attend.  Face painting, drum making, necklace station, buckskin drawing, bracelet making, and feather hat station.  I was the face painter!  Each mom would mark off that they went to the station and then they could move along to wherever they wanted to go next.  Such a fun, organized party.  Mrs. F really knows how to get those kids to do just what she wants.  Love her.

so thankful!

My little charging bull.  He came up with his own name.

I just can't believe how big he is!

making his drum

Allie Grace and Bennett

Bennett and Jack...he loves Jack and talks about him all the time

Bennett, Jack, and Carlon

Easton and Bennett

all the sweet boys

The whole class minus Ava

popcorn and apple juice for snack
I left for a couple hours and then it was time to return for the Thanksgiving feast.  mmmmm school cafeteria Thanksgiving food.  Delish.  I picked up Julieanne's for B and me and Dad was not to happy about that.  He said "y'all got Julieanne's and I have to eat this shit?"  ha.  Next time we will bring something for everyone.

I brought B a special orange (his new favorite color) iced cupcake with a turkey on it. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Henry's Thanksgiving Feast

I am so thankful that my new job allows me the flexibility to be at all of the events at school.  I usually work on Tues, Weds, and Thurs, but this week I had Thanksgiving parties on Wednesday and Thursday so they let me work Mon, Tues, and Friday.  It is just a dream.  I loved not worrying about hurrying them through their parties so I could get back to work.  What a blessing!!!

Dad and I went to lunch and then headed to the Thanksgiving feast.  We got there and all the kids were sitting on the rug watching a Thanksgiving book.  They were being so quiet and had all their little turkey hats on...adorable!  Dad walked right over to Henry to let him know we were there.  Henry then went and sat with Dad in the housekeeping center.

Henry's started out with them sitting on the rug and singing a few songs with hand gestures.  Henry didn't do any of them because he wanted me the whole time.

yay for Thanksgiving feast #1!

And his tongue stayed out of his mouth the entire time.

Each child brought something to contribute to the feast.  Our job was 6 half ears of corn wrapped in foil.  They even made their green bean bundles and pumpkin pies.

Henry and his teacher

Dawson and Henry
Henry's party lasted about 10 minutes and then they all went out to play on the playground.

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