Saturday, April 22, 2017

Birthday day!

We found out a few months before her birthday that the annual father/son canoe trip was going to be SK's birthday weekend.  Neil was all ready to not go on the trip because of it.  NO WAY!  We were going to make sure Beauty Queen felt extra special on her birthday no matter what!

All the girls and Daniel came out to celebrate our favorite girl.  We began with mani/pedis at the new nail place with the cute little girl chairs!  

We started off birthday #3 with birthday pancakes and gifts.  She LOVED her Princess Poppy nightgown, Dora toys, and color changing nail polish!

We all met up at the nail place after breakfast.

Love her so much!

Her first pedicure and she is hooked!

picking out alllllllllllll the colors.

We were so glad Ella joined us while her Shep was on the canoe trip.

Walking over to dry those beautiful 5 colored nails.

Daniel even enjoyed a mani/pedi!

Daniel offered to get his toes painted, but SK said he shouldn't.


They even have suckers at our new nail spot.
After nails it was time for lunch at the Tea Room!  YESSSSS!  Girl Day perfection!
Sweetest thing.

Her cake was so cute and perfect for little slices.  They misspelled her name on the card. :(

The crew!  So glad everyone joined us.  Dad would have joined us if he wouldn't have been in the hospital with pneumonia.

Nana and SK
Her favorite people.

Lastly, we went to El Cabo Verde for her birthday dinner.  I was worn out and so was she!  She had a very special fruit plate for dinner with candles and singing!
So sweet and timid during this moment!

Our sweet neighbors, the Halls brought over a big bucket of fun for sister,

We hope you had a wonderful 3rd birthday where you felt special and loved, Beauty Queen!  We love you sooooooooooooo much!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sarah Kathryn's School Celebration

We got to celebrate Sarah Kathryn's birthday at her school the Thursday before her birthday which was on a Saturday.  Her class is called "young 2s" so about half of the kids in her class are born in April.  We picked up donuts, she wore a cupcake shirt, and she was ready!

Neil had a meeting so he couldn't come with us. :(  Bennett had a dentist appointment right after so he got to come with me!

Free play

I started to put out the plates and napkins, but SHE wanted to do it.  I love how much she takes after me!

This girl!

Praying before snack.
Thrilled about her crown and her candle!

How fun to celebrate our BIG 3 year old!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

We celebrated Easter at home this year, went to church, flowered the cross, at lunch at Dad's, and celebrated our risen Lord!  He is risen!  What a beautiful day to celebrate!

I have one of them like this from last year, too.  So sweet of all my babies.

Flowering the cross with her Sunday School class.  I love SK in all white.

Carolyn and Dad made sure to have a kid friendly meal.  Cheetos and juice boxes for the kids.  So sweet and accommodating!

Bennett flowering the cross with his class.  He is always so serious.

Easter bunny loot

What a fun pink filled basket!  She got a necklace, bracelet, and all the pink things!

The boys got pool toys and their favorite: a pooping bunny rabbit.

Dwight, Dad's BFF and SK

There's always one not smiling.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Egg Dyeing 2017

Egg dyeing is one of my favorite Easter traditions.  It is so pretty, messy, and just downright fun!  It doesn't last long around here no matter how many eggs I boil!

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