Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Partying

We had so many Easter fun things to do this year.  From Easter hat parade to seeing the Easter bunny, we've done it all this season!

Henry had the most celebrations ever!  He was excited that I was in charge of the Easter snack along with Emma's mom.  He feels so cool knowing "he" is bringing the snacks.

Emma's mom made those adorable twinkie bun cars and everyone loved them!  We brought the fruit/peep kabobs and cutejjuice cups.

These cuties are so ready for Kindergarten!

Next, it was time for Easter lunch at Bennett's school.  2nd/3rd gets to have Easter lunch so this was our first time to celebrate with him at school.  Basically you just go and eat lunch...nothing fancy.  I did pick up Wendy's and cute Easter cookies at Julieanne's for him.

I love this big boy so much!

All the boys jumped in with us! so cute!

I didn't get to go to Sister's party. They really didn't invite us to any of their parties.  I got this picture off Facebook.  

My girl and her boots=winning
Henry used his totally awesome fireman Easter hat the past 2 years.  I saved that thing to use this year because I knew we'd need it.  No clue where it went.  We searched in every closet, storage, shop, and bin.  Never found it anywhere!  I couldn't believe we lost it!  I kept saying "I don't want to make a new one for only 1 year!"  Henry replied "but, it's fun!"  MOM FAIL.

So, we got to making our new Easter hat and it turned out so much cuter than the other one and Henry actually got to help. We had fun and it loved it.  Win-win!

SK came home the day before the Easter hat parade with a stomach bug.  There were only 4 kids in her class who didn't get it.  So sad.  I had to miss the Easter hat parade!  I had some sweet friends send pictures to me.  So thankful for that!
The Easter hat parade was a success!

Cuties! Davis and Henry

Oh Henry!

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