Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sarah Kathryn and her big girl bed!

Sarah Kathryn is such a big girl!  We moved her to her big girl bed the week after she turned 3.  She wasn't climbing out of her crib or anything, we just thought it was time since she is potty trained and had no way to get to the bathroom.  The furniture she got was the girls room furniture from Neil's grandmother's house.  Neil's aunts used to sleep on this furniture when they were growing up!  I love it!

Richard drove over to help take down the crib and set-up the new furniture.

We moved everything around about 6 times until we got it just right.

It's a little cramped, but we for sure wanted both beds in there.

After we got it all set-up she climbed up in her bed and fell asleep!  In the middle of the day!  Wow!

Sweet baby girl!

I love how it turned out!
Trying out Sister's Bed!

We had a baby doll blanket made out of scraps from her quilt.

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