Sunday, April 23, 2017

Annual Father/Son Canoe Trip

The boys went on their 3rd father/son canoe trip with about 25 people from Shreveport and Denver and about 250 other people from Ruston.  This was Henry's first year to go and he was THRILLED!  They had a so much fun even though they couldn't canoe.  The weather was too bad and it rained so much that they closed the river.  I am so glad they didn't canoe...a man who didn't heed the warnings ended losing his life on the river.

They ended up having a blast with hikes, nerf gun wars, wiffle ball games, and general mischief!  Sounds like it was nothing but a boy-filled weekend!  

When the dates came out Neil was originally going to not go because it was on Sarah Kathryn's actual birthday.  I said he had to go and that we would make sure she felt SK felt extra special.

Neil works so hard for this trip.  He works with "The Founder," the founder of this 20 year old trip, schedules the cabin, and organizes all the meals. He is one go-getter!  Janine shops for all the food to get everyone all ready!

I have to rely on Neil for pictures so here's what you get!

Sweet things!

The Motley crew! Henry and Granddad stayed back at the warm cabin during this hike.

The Lewis fellas!

Pops gave them watch $20 to buy something while on the trip and they chose sling shots and raccoon hats.

Mason (our friend we met at Gymboree as infants), Cox, William, Neil, Henry, Richard, and Bennett

These cuties!  All born in 2011.  Henry, William, and Jake

How cute!

They shots guns off the porch!

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