Monday, April 3, 2017

Shreveport Captains are back!

Bennett's first baseball game of the season was a good one!  We've been practicing since December, so we were ready for the games to start!  He was a little worried about playing against his school friends, but it turned out fine.  

I said "What happens if you can get you friend out?"  

He said "then I get him out, no mercy!"  

Alrighty then.

So, Bennett has friends from school on every other team in the league except for his.  After the All-stars mishap last summer, we decided to go ahead play with our all-stars buddies since we played with them all summer.  We have 4 really great coaches who love the kids and really invest their time into the boys.  It is a great group!

The cute cheering section.  Thank God for Gammy!

Andrew, Jude, Graham, Bennett, Dominic, Wesley, and Skyler

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