Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Henry and Kindergarten!

We were thrilled to learn that Henry got into Bennett's school.  Henry has been asking for months when he is getting to go to Bennett's school. We just never knew how to answer since we hadn't gotten his test results back.  We finally got them over Spring Break!  We are super impressed with our smart boy!

I wanted to take him to his new school and we did it as it was open after Spring Break!  He was so excited!

What a big boy!

Bennett happened to be outside for recess so he came and got in!  Bulldog Brothers!

The 3!

We took pics by all the photo ops.

Here's his letter from the principal, coordinator, counselor, and all the Kindergarten teachers.

Contract signing!  We are thrilled!
 We've been working on our PTA slate for a couple months and I agreed to be PTA president for 2017-2018 only if Henry got it.  So, I guess you can call me Madame Pres.  I am a little nervous about these big shoes to fill!

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