Saturday, May 6, 2017

Crawfish (Henry's T-ball Team)

Henry looks so darn cute in his little t-ball uniform! He was THRILLED about t-ball this year and couldn't wait to get on his uniform and head to his games and then...he wouldn't play!  He says he wants to play, but that he only likes to bat.  We aren't sure if we should still sign him up!  We shall see!


Jake and Henry

This team has some cute boys and the cutest girl on it!

Run, Henry!

This sweet girl had to spend 3-4 nights a week at the ballpark for 2 months!  Such a trooper!

We had a treat when Matthew and Neil B. stopped by Henry's game one week!

Getting ready to run!

He loves to bat!

Having a little chat with the opposing team.

I was thankful that Roderick, Miles' dad took all these great photos!

Look at my boy!  And that is Coach Cox next to him!


Baseball bros

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