Monday, June 30, 2014

We moved!

So....we moved!  This is been in the works for a while now.  We decided that we wanted to downsize so that I can be home more with the children, work part-time, and put family first.  We are super excited about our new place.  We feel like we "made out like bandits" (as Neil says) with our new home. 

We sold our house in less than a month to some people that we know from Bennett's old school.  It was a long, back-and-forth process, but we finally closed.

Living in the house after the movers came means eating dinner on the window sill and sitting on the floor.

Welcome to our new home!  We are calling it Lewis Hideaway because it a little house tucked back on 2 acres in the middle of a neighborhood.  I love pulling down the tree-lined, private driveway.  We like when people say things like "I saw it but didn't think I could go down the driveway." Anyway, we are just thrilled that the kids will grow up with room to roam.  Yes, we have a smaller house, but we are learning to live more efficiently.  I realized I don't need five 9x13 casserole dishes.
We will be painting this house soon.  Can't wait!

Here's our backyard.  This tree is our favorite.

view from the front door

All of our boxes in the garage waiting to be unpacked.  It is dwindling by the day. :(

We had the fireplace painted day 1.

We painted our room "sterling."

Leslie helped me pick out a paint color for Sarah Kathryn's room...grape mist.  Neil said he wanted to do her room in purple and not pink.  Look at him with that opinion!

More to come on the house as we get settled.  We've been here a week and are loving it!

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