Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Week 3

We've been trucking along this summer.  I didn't realize how much Bennett and Henry really need constructive things to do.  Bennett went to camp and LOVED it.  The camp "traveled" to a different country each day and he would ask "where am I going tomorrow?"   Henry has been getting bored at home and has been loving going to school.  I send him 2-3 days a week.  I feel guilty the whole time he is there, but Neil tells me he runs right in to play.

Bennett and I play this Skylander Swapforce Trouble-like game ALL. THE. TIME.  Henry comes over and knocks all the pieces out and we start over.  Bennett is really good and knows all the rules.

Gammy got Sarah Kathryn this new play mat and she loves kicking around while looking at the lights and things hanging down. 
We joined a pool!  yippee for somewhere to cool down!  Sister got in her bathing suit and loved the water!

Oh, I love these people.  They loved the pool.  When we got in the car to go home Bennett said "I am so proud of you Sarah Kathryn, you did a good job swimming!"  Henry just swam around and played with a water gun.  At one point he walked over to the little fountain area and a girl shot him in the face with the gun!  He grabbed it and ran off!

I am loving my girl in purple!  Her eyes look brown in this picture, but in person they are blue.  

Some Sunday school friends met at the pre-school playground at church for a play-date.  It was so fun to play with like-minded moms.  I took Henry and SK because Bennett was at camp.

This sweet boy thinks he is the baby...he is my baby boy!

I said farewell to Emily at her farewell brunch.  They are getting their dream of moving back to North Carolina after being in Shreveport for 5 years.  So excited for them to be near family!

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  1. We still have that same playmat from Mason. Charlotte is loving it too! What pool did you join? I wish it would get hot enough to swim here!


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