Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Henry

Oh Henry!  You are such a joy!  You are full of personality and spunk.  You are a defiant little thing and will just stare at us through squinted eyes if we ask you to do something.  You are STUBBORN too!  I love your happy attitude and your sweet hugs and kisses.  You are so sweet to your sister and VERY proud of her.  You like to say she is your sister and not Bennett's.

You and Bennett have gotten into teasing each other.  You say "I got to turn off the light and youuuuuuu didn't" in that sing-songy way we like to tease people.  It is hilarious because you are trying to be just like Bennett. 

You are very accident prone.  It seems like you always have bruises or scratches on your arms and legs.  You like to eat and do fun, crafty things that make huge messes.  You love being dirty, muddy, and wet, but you do NOT like being sticky!  

You fell at school and bumped your mouth on a bench and we had to take you to the dentist to make sure nothing was damaged.  You had 2 huge pockets of blood on your gums.  Ouch!  You were so good at the dentist when they checked you out.

This is the pic I sent to Neil before we went to the dentist.
Bennett got to go to Ruston for a few days so we just had Henry and Sarah Kathryn.  We are really trying to make it a point to do things one-on-one with Henry.  We had a fun little ice cream date with just us two.

 You would say  "only me and Mommy are going, not Bennett, not Sarah Krafren, not Daddy, not Nana, not Granddad, and not Miso!"  You got Spiderman icecream with Pop Rocks in it.  When you would eat a pop rock you would get quiet and say "something's in my mouth!"

On our way to the car-wash!  You LOVE the car wash!

We were having a huge issue with you pooping in the potty.  You would just go right in your pants!  We decided to load up and go to Toys R Us to pick out a poop prize.  When you got your 5 stickers you won Marshall, the "Paw Control" (It's really Paw Patrol) dog.  It sat on the mantle for about a week before you go it!
Way to go BIG boy!!
I cannot believe you are almost 3 years old!  You keep saying "I got that toy at my birthday party" when you are playing with something random.  You say you want a "minja turtle" party!  

Once we put you in your bed, you come out and say "I need my two kisses and my two hugs."   And what mommy and daddy can resist that??  Not us!  

You say things like "I love you in that moon!"  We love you in that moon, too!!

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