Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hats off to Fairfield

Our sweet little school has done SO WELL for a couple years now and we are just so proud.  When we found out that we received top testing gains in the parish and that our teachers would each receive $1500-we wanted to keep that momentum going!  So, Amy and I got to work brainstorming!  When I think celebration I think balloons and confetti!  I really wanted a balloon drop and confetti cannons so I got on the trusty Amazon and ordered them right up!  I was talking to the VP of PTA, Kristin and she came up with Hats off to Fairfield as the theme!  This allowed us to have everyone wear a hat to school for the event!

I brought all of our ideas to Mrs. Graham and she loved everything!  And my ideas can  be pretty harebrained, but she went with it!  I contacted all of the media outlets in town, but the only one who responded after numerous calls and email was KSLA! I contacted local key players like the mayor and Caddo parish superintendent and asked them to speak.  When they said YES, I about fell out!  And of course, Senator Peacock, a Fairfield dad spoke, too.

I had no idea how we would blow up 1500 balloons, so I bagged them up in bags of 20 and asked people to blow them up.  It went so fast and we had them all blown up in no time!  A few moms including Catherine came to help stuff the balloon nets!  Our next problem was how we were going to hang the dang nets.  Thankfully Mr. Winn called in a favor and had scaffolding brought to the school and these lovely gentlemen hung them for us!

 As we were putting up the nets-we could not figure out how to get the balloons to come out.  I called the manufacturer and he said we had to do a "test pull." I was worried about that because  we had already hung the balloons. He told me the difference in a test pull and a test drop.  So I called Kristin and we went up to school to do the test pull.  Boy am I glad we did!!!  There is no amount of force that would have pulled those things down without us testing it first!  We had to take tape off and take a slip knot out and it actually worked!!!  And it actually turned out to be pretty easy to operate once we figured it out!
I was like a 6 year old watching these balloons go up!  All the kids were THRILLED!
 We celebrated so many things at the celebration!  Our teachers have been killing it with local, state, and national awards and we were so proud!  I announced our STATE PTA Educator of Distinction and that we are a National PTA School of Excellence.  And I introduced the Mayor who was the principal at the middle school while I attended!  Amy helped me with my speech-thank God for that!

We also celebrated the day with a luncheon for the teachers and staff.  Well that didn't go over so well.  I ordered the lunch for 35 people, but I told the guys who hung the balloons to stop by for lunch.  Well apparently they brought more than the 3 who hung the balloons so we didn't have enough food!  Thankfully Kristin went to Tazikis and served our wonderful enrichment teachers.  How embarrassing!

Henry's class happened to be right by the stage so I snapped this!

Superintendent, PTA Prez, Mayor, Principal, Senator, and Director I feel so cool to stand with these peeps!

The whole school and I used this as an opportunity to ask the superintendent for a multipurpose building!

Hats off to Fairfield!  Anytime someone would say that they would all take off their hats!

Mayor Tyler
 After all of the little speeches and congratulatory comments and the Mayors' proclamation, Mrs. Graham called for celebration!  When she said celebrate, our music teacher played "Celebrate Good Times" and our volunteers (Neil included) pulled the strings for the balloon nets and shot the confetti cannons!  I sat on that stage in awe that it all actually worked!

It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone worked so hard to make this day great!  We got Red River Bank to donate ice cream for all the kids and asked parents to donate toppings.  They went outside for an ice cream social recess after the event!  They got to celebrate even more by having 2 free dress days, snacks at recess on Thursday, and Popsicles at recess on Friday!

We are ranked #5 in the state on school digger website.  Our test scores went up 7 points in 1 year.  This is simply impressive because at a magnet school, our kids are already performing at a higher level and what's even more impressive is lots of our siblings only had to score in the 50th percentile to get in whereas other schools they had to make a 70 to get in.  We are so proud! 

And Whew!  I am exhausted!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Henry the Cub Scout

We have a pretty big pack of Cub Scouts at our school and they are very active. Henry is loving being part of it.  The goal is to sell around $300 worth of popcorn per scout.  We sold at Twisted Root one Sunday and didn't do very well so we went to Wal-mart the next weekend and KILLED it!  He sold over $500 worth of popcorn (about $200 was to family and friends, but hey-he did it!)  

He wasn't shy at all about going up to patrons to ask if they'd like popcorn and who could ever say no to those blue eyes and that cute face?? Not may people I'm telling ya!

Twisted Root selling!

Wal-mart selling!

We didn't know that he would be recognized at the pack meeting for selling!  They called up the boys who sold over $500 worth and gave them each a $25 visa gift-card!  So nice!  He was so excited!

great job, boys!

And he even got a package of popcorn to go with it!
I am so proud of your dedication, Henry!

Saturday, November 24, 2018


We were sad that The Smarts and Andrew had to leave early from NOLA, but that didn't stop our fun!  

They loved Uber.  I was a nervous wreck.  Bennett couldn't be torn out of that jersey!

My brother met us for lunch and walking

We wanted a picture in front of the  Tricentennial of NOLA sign, but this is as close as we got.

The Ritz had their gingerbread house up and it was AMAZING!

Happy Birthday G!

We went to the Bayou Classic parade on Canal on our way to breakfast.  It was pretty lacking.  Neither Grambling or Southern threw much of anything.  

We did get these fancy beads that I handed to fans of the teams.

This crab meat cheesecake was so fly!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Happy 65th Birthday, Granddad!

We had a surprise pink angel food cake, homemade whipped cream, and chopped strawberries delivered to Granddad's room on his birthday!  He was so excited as this was something his mother made all the time!  It is so delicious!

There wasn't one morsel left so I think everyone was happy!

NOLA Family Pics

We had the greatest idea ever to get professional family pics in NOLA!

While we were waiting on the photographer to arrive the kids got involved in a street performer's show!  Not real sure what he ever did, but it kept them entertained!

I think they turned out great!

This was Nana and Granddad's Christmas card!  Laughing All the Way!

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