Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Purgatory Rest Day

We got to Purgatory once evening and were worn out!  We decided to stay at the house all day to rest, relax, and regroup.  We took a little hike, stayed in for all meals, and pretty much just enjoyed the scenery!  

The worst part of the day was when Henry and SK got into a fight and he pulled her arm out of socket!  Neil, Kenneth, and Bennett had all gone down to check out a pond to see about fishing when it happened.  

Jill and I both tried to put it back in, but we couldn't get it to work like in the past.  Thankfully, Jennifer drove us to the Purgatory Urgent Care where they were absolutely no help!  They sent us to the ER almost 45 minutes away.  I called Neil and we all loaded up to take Sister to Durango.  I called the Durango Urgent Care (only about 20 minutes away) and they told me they had an ER doctor working so we went there.  I have never been to an urgent care where they were actually urgent like this one in Durango!  They didn't even make sure we had insurance, completed paperwork, or anything before bringing her back.  It was such a nice change.  The doctor was so sweet and put her right back in place and she is good as new!  Henry felt horrible and cried the whole way there saying he felt bad for her.  I am so glad he felt bad and I know that is bad to say, but I thought he was going to not care either way!

Chimney Rock on our way to Purgatory

As we were driving by, this Mama Elk and her baby were just drinking out of this pond!

We turned the cars around to go watch them.  The wildlife was incredible!

Seeing that Purgatory was closed was so crazy!  We were able to do a small hike, but other than that the whole San Juan forest was closed.

One thing about the mountain being closed was that we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves!  During winter this whole place was bustling with scads and scads of people.

Making beautiful music!

Hiking up the mountain

Scenic Overlook

family+mountains+trees=can't get much better

Jill's condo is the 2nd one from the left right near the lift.

These cuties found a little bridge over a stream while the others went back

The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was fantastic

The doctor checking her out!

All better!
Pretty much every business had signs up thanking the firefighters of the 416 fire.  One grocery store even had a sign up for 50% off for all fire workers!  We had big plans to make cookies for all of the firefighters, but saw a sign that said to stay away from the fire camps. :( 

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