Monday, June 18, 2018

Pagosa Springs Tubing

This excursion was one of our favorites!  Seeing the beautiful San Juan river right outside the Earnest's house made us REALLY want to get on the river.  We loaded up bright and early, donned our river shoes and rented our tubes.  After renting the tubes we shopped the store and every single person in our party got a new shirt and sunglasses straps.  We have priorities!

The van delivered us to the top of the river where we got on and he took our pictures!  Since we couldn't take anything that couldn't get wet, we had no phones and no camera.  We had to rely on the kindness of others for pictures!

So, as we were floating near a calm area I called out to a couple of moms and asked them to take our picture and then called my number out as we tubed past for them to text them to me.  Worked like a charm and we were so grateful!  I know I would have taken anyone's picture who asked me so I didn't mind asking.

Sarah Kathryn rode with my on our first trip down.  About 1 minute in to our tubing experience we got stuck on a rock and got drenched in the freezing water!

Caroline and Bennett each had their own tubes

Thanks to the nice lady who took this from the river bank!

Bennett was leading the pack on the first trip down.

This nice lady took our pic and there's one of her kid who was playing on the bank.

Sister was cold on our first trip so the tube show gave her this wet suit to wear!  I can't even handle the cuteness.
This was taken by the van driver.  The only one where we were looking and all in it!

Bennett (9), Kate (6), SK (4), Caroline (7), Henry (6), Nolan, (4) and Katherine (5)
This is one of my favorites!

After the tubing we ended up at the hot springs "hippie dip" from the first day.  This was such a welcomed feeling after freezing in the water. Too bad we still can't get the sulfur smell out of our laundry!  

What an amazing experience!  I'd do it again tomorrow!

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