Thursday, June 14, 2018

Shreveport to Colorado

We have been looking forward to this Colorado adventure for over a year and we couldn't wait to get on the road!  Since and Kenneth had to work in Plano for a couple days, we planned it right before our trip to give us a 3 hour head start and a little play time in Plano.  It turned out to be a great idea!

We arrived in Plano on Wednesday around 8pm.  We got settled in our "deluxe suite" (this just means it's a regular room that included snacks and drinks!)  The kids were pumped!  We saved them for our journey to Colorado.

On our day in Plano we went to the Crayola Experience and Dave and Buster's!  Ever since I saw the Crayola experience advertised I knew we had to go.  I mentioned it to our auction chair and she got 2 free tickets donated to our auction!  I bought it and voila...a trip was planned!  After the guys got off work, we let the kids swim while enjoying the free happy hour meal the hotel provided.  SCORE!

We got there early and got some pics at the awesome photo opps.

SK even wore her crayon dress!

You got 2 tokens to purchase model magic from a vending machine and one for your homemade crayon.

There was a place to take a picture to put yourself in a custom coloring sheet.

Here we are molding crayons into rings and cars.
We got to name our own crayons!

This crayon melting station was neat-o!

This was the spot where you designed a dress or car, scanned it, and then it was projected on the runway on the big screen!  This was my dress!

SK's dress
Bennett's Car

 We finished up at Crayola and headed to Dave and Buster's for lunch and playing. Boy, that place is pricey!  Each game was around 8 chips and we bought 60 per kid.  We are finished playing in no time.  They had fun and we brought home some tiny toys that ended up all over the hotel.
Loving it!

On Friday, we headed to Dallas to meet my dear friend, Sister Leone for breakfast at Snooze.  Snooze was DELISH!  We got to have a pancake flight that was pretty much the best breakfast thing I have ever enjoyed.  So glad we got to see Amanda!  Bennett kept asking why we call each other "sister" and it's becuase we are sisters in the Mystic Bond! :)
Sister loved Sister!

So much fun!

Jennifer and her girls arrived at the hotel and then it was time to head to New Mexico for the night!  We stayed in Santa Rosa, NM.  Breaking up the trip like this was perfect for the kids and us! :)

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