Thursday, November 29, 2012

1st Post Since Privacy Act

Something feels really strange now that I know the blog is not on display for all to see!  I just feel like we are behind some sort of internet screen.  I don't have to block out where Bennett goes to school and I can rant about how my day was without the feeling that I might get fired for expressing my opinions.  It is nice to be protected by the "privacy act!"  I have had a couple calls of people not being able to access the blog or not "liking" that it is private.  Sorry, this is how I want it to be for the time being.

I had the boys in matching shirts a couple days ago and I just wanted a darn picture!  I do not have 1 picture of both boys looking and smiling at the camera since Henry's birth almost 16 months ago.  Is it really too much to ask??

Henry was not loving this

No pictures!
And then I tried once we got home...

Tickling brother!

funny how laughing and screaming sometimes look the same

my boys!

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  1. Good for you! I wonder if I should go private. I'm so glad I can see your blog:) Cute boys!


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