Thursday, March 11, 2010

15 months old!

Bennett! You are 15 months old today! We cannot believe what a big boy you are! I saw it every month, but I can't believe how time flies. This is what you are up to these days:
  • You have your same 6 front teeth with all 4 molars coming through.The top ones are pretty much in and the bottom ones are just starting. They look painful.
  • You have done a total turn around with your sleeping. You have been sleeping really well at night. We plan to take away your pacifier on Monday. Who knows if we will have the strength. Everyone told me to just take it away cold turkey!
  • You now know where your nose and eyes are located. You will say "eyyyyye." You sometimes forget nose.
  • You don't even cry when we take you to your new room at daycare. You LOVE Ms. Lyne. She is so sweet to you and we love her, too.
  • You moved up to the big boy classroom at church. "You" make something each week.
  • You DO go right to sleep on your mat at daycare. They don't even have to rub your back.
  • You will still eat almost anything. I mean anything! You LOVE to eat.
  • You are in a size 4 diaper.
  • You LOVE to laugh and play. We all love hearing you laugh. You are very ticklish on your thighs and ribs.
  • You wear size 12 month clothes...some are too short though. I just move down the buttons. 18 month size clothes are way too big for you. They need to make a size 15 months!
  • The only baby signing you will do is "more." It is modified in to pointing you finger to the palm of you hand. We all know what it means so it works for us.
  • The words you say are "uh (long pause) oh," bye bye (with waving), and a few other things here and there if we say the word first. Sometimes you repeat them. When we say "Daddy" you say "Da-doo."
  • You try to feed yourself with a spoon. It makes a big mess, but you really like to try!
  • You can mimic a puppy by panting and a tiger by growling. Sometimes if we say "What does a puppy say" growl like a tiger. You learned the tiger by reading Cuddle...a book that we read every night. There is a tiger on one of the pages and I would growl each time and you started to copy me. It is too cute.
  • You love to play and will sit for about 4-6 pages of a book. You are now going to get books to "read."

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  1. that's so cute! i actually had the idea to do this too, except i am doing it at the end of every month. it's hard to imagine perry doing all those big boy things, but i know it's coming. i have a proposition for you, i'll FB message you soon.


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