Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We had our church Easter egg hunt today. They had it at Centenary College. It was the perfect Spring day for a hunt. They had a bounce house and a big slide. There were crafts and tons of stuff for the kids.

When we arrived, we went straight to see the Easter bunny. Bennett was not too thrilled to see the bunny.

Here are the Demole twins. Aren't they cute!? The Easter Bunny is their big brother.

Bennett was the most excited about getting to pet this puppy. He loved it.

Mommies and babies. Bennett, me, Lindsay, and Caroline.

Here's B in the bounce house. He was just taking it all in.

And let the hunt begin! I was a little worried that he was not going to know what to do because during practice he wasn't really feeling it. HE DID GREAT! He picked up the eggs and put them right in the basket. I was so proud. My mom said we used to want her to hide the eggs about 50 times a day during Easter time. Maybe Bennett will want that, too.

I was glad that Neil was the photographer today. He got some great shots.

I just can't get enough of this face!

I think the photographer was coming out in Neil in this one.

Yay for a family photo!

Here are the posed Easter bunny pictures after the hunt. Mason loved the bunny. Bennett...not so much.

Here is our attempt at a group photo. Here are Jake, Georgia, Bennett, Mason, and Caroline.
Georgia, Bennett, Mason, and Caroline.
After all the kids got up and walked off Bennett just stayed by his basket. What a sweetie!
After the hunt, we met the Montgomery's and Buteau's at Chick-fil-a. Yes, Bennett has his foot propped up like he just put in a hard day at work!

I just have to add that I got his little outfit on sale last year for $13. The shirt underneath was $5 at the Black Friday sale on Remember Nguyen. I just love a deal!


  1. So Cute! Looks like y'all had a great day! I am getting ready to pull out our black friday outfits as well : )

  2. I love that close-up of Bennett looking up at the camera. It is gorgeous!! What a sweet boy!

  3. How fun! You got lots of great pictures! I looks like he had a blast! :-)

  4. i'm glad my friends kids are making it to their egg hunts! olivia has now missed 2! bennett is a cutie!

  5. That crying photo with the Easter bunny is priceless. Tell Neil that he is a great photog!

  6. The egg hunt was so fun! I'm so glad our boys get to do so many fun things together!


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