Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy 29th Neil!

Neil got some really cool birthday presents. Most were Saints related. Rebecca framed the front page of the Times Picayune for him. She framed it herself! Great job Rebecca.

Bennett and I got Neil this totally awesome painting. It is an original by Margaret Becton. She is so talented. She even added the Super Bowl numbers to it.

Here's Neil with his new nameplate for his desk. This is what I told my dad to get him. What I did not tell him was to get the 1950 model in walnut. Oh well. It says his name!

We had a really fun time at Tokyo for Neil's 29th birthday celebration. I just knew Bennett was going to love all of the flying food and fire! We had a nice group join us, too.

Here's Amy, Leslie, Bennett, Neil, and me.

Here's the whole group. Matthew, Mason, Casey, Amy, Stephen, Bennett, Rebecca, Carli, Russell, Andrew, Chris, Neil, and me.

Here are all the chefs and us singing to the birthday boy!

I caught this photo with the egg in mid-air!

Bennett and Mason were having so much fun! They just laughed and played and ATE!

Here is Neil's "Who Dat" cake. It looked a little lop-sided, but that's OK. The candles only came in pink and purple!


  1. Looks like Neil had a fab birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Neil!!! Only one more until 30!!!


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