Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our New Favorite Park

After church, lunch, and nap we went to the A.C. Steere park. I haven't been since I was about 10 and it has really gotten nice! We went to the new part with all new playground equipment. They even had a little section that was the perfect size for Bennett.

It was such a nice day so there were tons of people there. There was a little girl named Avery that kept following Bennett around saying "baby, baby, baby!" She was only 2! She had triplet sisters and they decided to play with Bennett, too.

Bennett loves to slide. He only goes down the slide face first! This is one brave boy!

Bennett also loved this purple tube. It was fun crawling through it. He looked so cute!

They also had a really neat "music park." I guess that is what you call it. There were a bunch of metal pipes with rubber hammers. Bennett made some really pretty music. I told Neil that I thought it would be cool if some talented musicians got out there and played all of the equipment. That would be a fun day at the park.

Look how cute!!

I foresee a lot of days at this park this Spring/Summer!


  1. So jealous that the weather is nice enough to go to the park. Love that little Bennett!

  2. How fun! I actually drove by that park the other day & noticed how much more stuff it had! We will definitely have to check it out too! :)

  3. I am so glad to hear from you....I have your card box ready and it just got pushed to the side as we could deliver it.....and then all the stuff happened...heart cath, sick kids and I don't think we ever delivered it...I think I mailed 12 packages...and just totally forgot about delivering yours since it was local ....Remind me your address again or I can look it up and we will deliver them tomorrow...


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