Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break Day 6

We were up, showered, and out the door by 10 am this morning. We had a couple of things on our agenda. Twin Cities, the company Neil works for was having a blood drive today. He is not one to donate blood so I decided to donate in his place. Casey donated too (behind me). FYI: Yes I got my hair cut and yes it is too short.

Sean and Uncle Andrew loved getting to play with Bennett today at work.
After donating blood and feeling light-headed, we went to eat lunch at McAlisters with the Montgomerys. We headed to Kid City after lunch.

Kid City was a really neat totally free play place. It was at Shreveport Community Church. We will definitely be going there during the Summer. It was so much fun. The boys just loved it. Since we have smaller kids we had to crawl in the whole thing with them. We were all worn out after Kid City! It was a great time, though.

Look at what a big boy Mason is climbing up the cargo net!

Bennett was loving getting in to everything single tube, crevice, and crack. He was on the go the whole time.

Look at those cuties!

I think Bennett looks like more of a little boy instead of a baby in this picture. My cousin wrote me an e-mail yesterday saying that she thinks Bennett is starting to look different now, too!

Deep in thought...

And this is what we had on the way home from Kid City. One pooped boy! Look how big he is!

After his little nap, addressing crawfish boil invites, and putting up clothes, we headed to Uncle Andrew's new house right around the corner. We think he doesn't want to be too far from us.

We headed to the Mudbugs game tonight to meet my friend from school, Toby. Her hubby is one of the hockey players. I am so glad I have gotten to meet her this year. We have a lot of the same students and can use each other to vent about our days. I will miss her when she leaves this year.

Bennett was pretty good during the game. He would get really loud and cheer "yayyyyy!" Here are my 2 boys.
I will have to say that I am pretty upset that Spring Break is almost over. It has been too short. We have had a wonderful week being together. Tomorrow, I will have to get down to business. I need to get my tires aired up, get my oil changed, and actually do some school work!


  1. School work BOO!! I spent all day grading essays! Bennett is getting so big!

  2. You have been busy during your spring break! Your hair looks great and your two boys are handsome. Both wearing polos. I love it!

  3. What a fabulous week you had! Thanks for sharing:)
    By the way, I love your new haircut!


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