Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Day 7

Friday was a very productive day! Kristin Mosura was having an awesome deal with 30 minute photography sessions at Norton Art Gallery. We had to be dressed and ready and at Norton by 8:30 am. Since Bennett wore his adorable little Easter outfit in white and yellow...I wanted us to match. He looked like a little doll in his button-on shorts and knee socks!

He was exploring so much it was hard to get a picture.
My Lewis boys...

After pictures, we took Bennett to daycare so that I could get some work done. Neil was off work today so we dropped off our tax stuff at the tax guy's office and headed to Strawn's for breakfast.
I was one busy bee today. We have been playing all week so it was time for me to buckle down. I ran errands, did some house work and school work. I actually got some of my class work completed. Online classes are so much more work than a classroom class. I guess they want to keep you busy 24-7. I will certainly be glad when I am finished with my Masters program.

After the busy day, we went to the Burfords house for pizza. They invited their neighbors who have an 8 month old and the Blanchards, too. I wish I had pictures of Liam and Elodie. It was fun to hang out. We were talking last night about how different our conversations are now. We were talking all about baby stuff...poop mostly! ha!

Here are Bennett and Max. I remember when Ann bought these Adirondack chairs. She was so excited that one day her son and his friends would be able to sit in them. It looks like that dream came true!

Do you see how Bennett has on tennis shoes and socks with that little short outfit? I am wondering if that is the style for boys. Last year, he was always bare-footed and not walking so I didn't really have to worry about it. Any ideas?

I had to take a picture of this awesome porch of theirs. The Blanchards gave them some old doors from Canton and Chris mounted them on rods at the end of their porch. How cool does this look?

Bennett loved playing with Ted. He even let Ted lick his face!

This was a great end to our Spring Break. Now, we just need to get back in to our school night routine.


  1. Bennett would look cute in anything! Also, that porch does look awesome.

  2. Yes the tennis shoes with the short suit is precious!

  3. Bennett looks so adorable in his Easter outfit!!!


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