Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Day 4

Today was a pretty productive day. We got up around 9 am! Boy, that was nice. Bennett had pears and oatmeal for breakfast. I love getting to sit with him and feed him breakfast. It is such a sweet time for us to spend together.

While Bennett was having breakfast Uncle Andrew woke up and showed us what he did to Neil's coffee mug last night. He thought it was hilarious and I did, too! Yes, that is his coffee mug in jello. He took it to work...I am guessing that everyone thought it was funny.
After breakfast, we went to Red Door Interiors to buy a wedding gift and a baby gift. We had to get Bennett's 15 month shots at 11:30 so we had to hurry. This was the fastest we have EVER been in and out of our doctors office. In and out in less than an hour...it was amazing.

Poor little thing. He had no idea that 3 shots were coming. He was so happy playing in the mirror.

Here is our healthy boy. He weighed 24.6 lbs. (50th percentile), His head was 18.5 inches (50th percentile), and height was 29.5 inches (10th percentile).

After the doctor we went home to take a nap. Too bad Bennett decided not to take one. After the non-nap, we headed down to the Boardwalk to meet Aunt Carolyn, Courtney, and Cal. They are on Spring Break, too. I'm so glad that they decided to come in today. It was fun to spend a little time with them. We had lunch at Cheesecake and then Bennett, Cal, and I headed to the park.

Cal is so sweet to Bennett. He is such a good boy.

Cal loved pushing Bennett.

It was tough trying to push 2 boys. These boys were so good today.

Cal is such a good climber. He was having so much fun.


Here is Bennett at bath time tonight. Poor little guy. He was a trooper!

I just realized how "lame" our Spring Break probably sounds! Most people go on fancy trips, but I am just excited to go to the park. It is so nice to be off work and to do whatever we want


  1. I love all of your spring break pics and stories! So cute!

  2. poor baby... that is us on Friday :( not looking forward to it! I love doing nothing this week!! I agree with you!

  3. Your spring break is far from lame!! I love the pictures from the park.


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