Friday, March 26, 2010

This Week. (This is my 200th post!)

We have had an OK week. I went back to work on Monday after Spring Break. It was tough going back to work after all the fun we had.

We got home on Monday and went for a wagon ride. The weather was perfect.

Tuesday was a different story. The daycare called around 4pm to tell us that Bennett had been fussy all day. He was having a little bit of a "diaper" issue. I got home and he and Neil were laying in the floor. They were all cuddled up. Bennett NEVER wants to cuddle. We know when he doesn't feel well when he will lay his sweet head on my chest. We had his clothes off because he was sweating. This poor little thing has 103 degree fever.

On Wednesday, he was feeling so much better. Nana came over from Ruston to keep him since he had fever the night before. Bennett loves having his Nana with him.

Wednesday night rolled around and Uncle Andrew came over to stay with him. I forgot that Neil had bowling when I scheduled Painting with a Twist. So...Neil called Andrew to see if he could keep his favorite nephew. Andrew said that Bennett was asleep within 10 minutes of us leaving!

Wednesday Night proved to be productive. Look what I painted at Painting with a Twist!

Here we are: Julie, Camila, me, Casey, and Lindsay.

Bennett was up ALL NIGHT on Wednesday. We had no idea what was wrong. We couldn't console him at all. We felt so bad for him. Since Neil's job is a little more flexible than mine, he took him to the doctor Thursday morning and stayed home with him. Come to find out...he had a double ear infection and a sore throat. Poor baby. He is on an antibiotic and it feeling much better. We are so glad. I put in for a sub yesterday so that I could stay home with him today. I just felt like he I needed to be here.

Bennett has been a sweetie today. I wanted to get a couple pictures of him carrying around his little blankie.

How sweet.

We have been practicing hunting for Easter eggs today. It is a little hard because he gets mad when he has to put the egg in the basket. We want to be prepared for tomorrow's Easter egg hunt at church. It all depends on how he is feeling!


  1. I love him carrying around his blanket. Also, I love your painting. Where are you going to put it?

  2. So glad he is feeling better!


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