Friday, March 12, 2010

Painting with a Twist

I had the best time at Painting with a Twist last night. A girl in our Sunday School class opened the store in Shreveport a week ago. It was such a fun girls night. We started the evening by eating at Strawns and then making our way to PWAT. We each received a canvas and were told to find our assigned seat. It was so exciting. I was SO excited:

Here are Laura, Ann, and Brooke. Brooke is our friend from Sunday School, too. She drove over from Marshall, TX. We were so glad she came!

OK, at first the artist (Lauren Rabb) told us to paint the flower petal outlines. We even had to mix colors! My petals turned out somewhat terrible. I couldn't really get the "swoop" of the petals down. I say that this is waiting to be a masterpiece.

And here are all the finished products. I wanted to switch paint colors, but thought I should just play it safe. Here are Ashleigh, Laura, Kelsey, me, Casey, Carli, Brooke, Rebecca, Ann the artist, and Lindsay. Ann was blowing us all away with her artistic abilities. She is so good at stuff like this!

I sort of ran out of time towards the end. I didn't even have paint on the outside of my painting and just had to whip it on there. I like the very center of the painting and the first 4 petals. I guess it is still waiting to become a masterpiece.
I think some of us confirmed that we are NOT artists! I know I'm not, but I had a blast! I'm going back on the 24th. Leslie wants to go and I am going to join her.


  1. Wow, you did an awesome job! I need to find a place like that here in Houston, looks like so much fun.

  2. That is awesome! Where are you going to put it?


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