Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Day in Nashville

We were up bright and early on our day in Nashville. Bennett woke up around 7 so that is when we all pretty much started our day. We were all showered and ready to go before 9. Beck had some good restaurants picked out for our breakfast. The first one, Germantown Cafe didn't open until 10:30. We wanted to go, but with an almost 2 year old...we have to eat early! We ended up at Panera. We went by the Belmont mansion and to his cousin's house for the zoo pass.

We stopped off at the Nashville Parthenon for a few minutes on our way to the zoo. The weather was so nice and great for being outside. Bennett loved running around on the grass.

Dr. Beck, radiologist

We headed to the zoo after from the Parthenon. Beck's cousin let us use their family zoo passes to get in. It was so nice...a great day for walking around the zoo. The zoo is not really anything that I love. The animals all caged up and smelling bad are not really for me. But, I don't want Bennett to miss out on anything! I ordered his cute elephant shirt especially for this trip! :)

This was the meerkat (or MeekRAT as Beck says) manor. There was a little area to crawl under to be inside with the meerkats.

No sure what animal we were looking at here...

The petting zoo area. Ewwwww. I sat this one out. Neil and Beck took Bennett in to feed/pet the animals. He really seemed to like it.

Beck held our camera the whole time and took pictures of our family. That was such a nice gesture so that we didn't have to worry about taking pictures.

Yay! Elephant!

I took this picture mainly to show my students the thatch roof for their architecture booklets.

After the zoo, we headed to Whiskey Kitchen for lunch. This place was SO GOOD! It had huge windows that were open and the weather was perfect. Bennett loved it!

I did too! I had the sliders. They were served on buttermilk biscuits with a choice of steak, fried green tomato, ham, or chicken. Totally awesome, but probably not worth the calories.

Me, Bennett, Neil, and Chris
We had a great time in Nashville. It was a REALLY long ride in the car, but it was worth it. Beck, thanks for being such a great host! Can't wait to return the favor when you love back to Shreveport!


  1. I'm totally going to that whiskey place!! Your outfit was so cute and I love that Beck took pictures. What a sweet dude.

  2. Great blog. The animals we were looking at after the meekrats were Bengal tigers. I feel like there was so much more to blog about. Why don't you consider a follow-up? Topics could include:
    1. Bennett breaking a candle at merchants
    2. Sneaking into the zoo
    3. Having to leave the restaurant Saturday night
    4. Lindsey telling me and Neil that the television was too loud


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